Thursday, June 18, 2009

Clean & Clear Makeup Dissolving Oil-Free Foaming Cleanser

This product has haunted me in the beauty aisles of the drugstore, Target and Walmart. I finally picked up Clean & Clear Makeup Dissolving Oil-Free Foaming Cleanser ($5.99 on sale -$7.99)to put this product to the test. I had to find something cheaper, but comparable to the ever loving Philosophy's Purity Made Simple face cleanser!

Because of my constantly changing life, I've been rough on my skin this week committing all type of beauty sins: sleeping in makeup, not even removing mascara at the least. Well lo and behold, Clean & Clear to the rescue.

With a few pumps, I wash my face, make sure the mascara softens and rinse. No dry skin and most importantly no mascara residue! Lately, I've been applying my toner with my hands so I haven't had the opportunity to see any 'left over' on cotton pads. However, I think it's safe to say that if it rinses clean of mascara, it surely must have gotten rid of all traces of face makeup and dirt. This has replaced my other favorite face wash that I will tell you about in another post! No more lusting after Purity Made Simple!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I just picked this up the other day people this was the only full makeup remover I could find in stores!! Havent tried it yet Im hopin it doesnt irritate sensitive eyes?

yummy411 said...

Elom, I hope it doesn't either. My eyes are sensitive to a lot of mascaras, but i've never had a problem with face wash. Sorry I can't confirm for you that it won't bother sensitive eyes, but it didn't bother mine at all. Hope this product works for you!

[$ H A R O N A] said...

i love it! i bought some like two weeks ago. my waterproof makeup comes off in seconds.