Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Followers and My Foundation Saving Secret!

Hi family!

I wanted to take a second out to say hi and thank you to all of my new followers! If you guys are returning love, found me in passing, whatever.. I'm glad you are here, taking the time out to read my content and following my blog. A big thank you to you all and I hope you enjoy! I love to hear what you guys think, so comment, let me hear your thoughts and let's talk makeup!

Next, I wanted to tell you guys about my star product this week: Ben Nye Translucent Face Powder!

From Theatrical Makeup Supplies: "Ben Nye Face Powders absorb oil, moisture and gently set creme makeup. Ben Nye Powders are silky smooth and contain just a hint of color to naturally soften contours. All are translucent, with the exception of Super White Face Powder. Available in sizes ranging from 1.5 oz/42gm. Shaker Bottle; TP 1.75 oz./49 gm Shaker Bottle; 3 oz./85gm. Shaker Bottle; 3.5 oz./99gm. Shaker Bottle. 8 oz./226gm. Jar. EXPECT 35 - 100 APPLICATIONS PER OUNCE."

With all the foundation and makeup shopping I did at The Makeup Show, I got a few hits and misses. While all of the foundations I found were incredible in application, consistency, coverage and wear, most of the shades were off by a touch (a bit too light, a bit too pink or gray). Bummer! Because most of these companies aren't accessible other than online, I can't exchange, but can only.. work it out! I would have added some darker foundation, but didn't want to change the impeccable consistency. I've used liquid bronzer, but I do better using it at different high points of my face than all over. Lastly, I resorted to my finishing powder. I usually use my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish, but putting a mineral silver sheen over already too light, gray, or pink foundation doesn't work.

I had to resort to my makeup kit and see what I had or to recall how I would remedy these situations during a shoot or any other scenario. I remembered one of my favorite face powders- Ben Nye in Topaz (for my MAC NC40 skin tone). Just yellow enough to give me the tint I needed to correct the color in the foundation, but translucent enough not to cake up my face. Works like a charm every time! My BECCA, Face Atelier, and Bobbi Brown foundations that I didn't love (the color matching) are now awesome thanks to my Ben Nye powder!

A pro artist fave, one of my kit staples, and my hardest working makeup item this week. All of the claims are true! Oil absorbing, flawless finish and color range are the reasons that I love this product. This can set any foundation, not just cremes. I especially love it with my BECCA tinted moisturizer. Need it for your kit? I have the small bottles, but the product can definitely be transferred to stackable sifting jars for ease with packing your kit. I usually don't like loose products, but this I can tolerate and I don't have any loose cap issues with these jars. Also, since I've added this to my kit over a year ago, I'm not close to replacing any of the jars (granted I'm not on a gig multiple times a week). Must mention that THE PRICE CAN'T BE BEAT!!! (I've also found this remedy in IMAN finishing powders, even her ultra pigmented blotting powders!)

Have you tried this powder? What do you think of it?

*Links I provided are for illustration purposes. I have not personally used any of these online sites, though Alcone Company is a reputable source.


Seymone said...

I have been raving about these powders for awhile.. I am glad it worked for you.

Coffee said...

Heeey, I just got my Banana Set in the mail today!!! Will try out tomorrow!

Tysh said...

I love my Ben Nye powders, I took a 2 week makeup course last year and that is what they used in the school, LOVE IT, I have chestnut. I am about to check out their matte e/s, and the blushes.

MakeupByRenRen said...

wow these sound amazing!