Monday, December 22, 2008

Yummy411: Thank you MMMH!

A few weeks ago I entered into Makeup Makes Me Happy's Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual Giveaway. Can you believe it!? I WAS ONE OF THE WINNERS! It arrived quickly to my mailbox. I ripped it open as fast as I could and also wanted to share it with you all.

Here's a preview and my thoughts on it!

The book includes step by steps,
Helpful color application tips,
Showing the beauty of blush (I'm a blush whore!)

Makeup on different ethnicities,

Goes from basic to advanced, showing makeup in photography,

Bridal makeup,

And advice on how to break into the business.

The book doesn't tell you everything, but gives you a good amount to go on. There are some tips that I like because you don't realize you need them until you've been practicing in makeup. I'm not even through all of these chapters because some I just look and absorb the pics! I'm so excited to have won this book! If you are starting out your makeup library, this is a solid buy. I can't compare this book to her other books because I don't own any of them. Great advice from a pro who lives and breathes natural, practical makeup.


Tammy said...

I won this book too. So far I'm loving it!

Askmewhats said...

awww congratulations! i'm sure the coming year will be a great year for you :D

slvrlips said...

Congrats on winning this book!! I have been seeing everywhere and now I think I need to take a closer look the next time I'm in Barnes & Nobles

Amina said...

congrats on winning the book!!
I loove it!!
Do you find that some of the women are wearing too much blush?
enjoy the reading

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

I'll rave about this book 'till kingdom come.

SuzieC said...

This book is on my list of makeup books to get.

Dao said...

Congrats! It looks like a good book, I need to read up more on bridal makeup and makeup for photography. Thanks for the review, Kia!

MakeupByRenRen said...

wow this book looks fab! i tried winning it a couple of times lol

yummy411 said...

@ tammy: yay for winners! lol such a great gift! christmas a little early!

@ askmewhats: aww thanks nikki! happy holidays love!

@ slvrlips: thanks! do check it out or take a peek at mine.

@ amina: thanks! i love it too! yes i think some were a little OTT, but i guess they were highlighting the 'blush' focus? what's your favorite tip in the book?

@ mrs. young_fashion: do you have any of her other books?

@ suziec: i think you'll love it. do get it!

@ dao: it's a great reference book. do get it!

@ makeupbyrenren: it is! awww! next time!

Nerissa said...

I own quite a few makeup books, an this one is really good. I am not a fan of Bobbi Brown cosmetics as it seems to wash out on my skin, but this book is really really good! Great pictures, especially of darker skinned women of colour, lots of vivid colours especially for blushes. Its definately one of the better ones. Folks should get it!

B said...

I'm lovin' this book so far!

LadyJane said...

Congrads on winning the book! I love it when I open a new book and the pages are so glossy!