Monday, October 06, 2008

Yummy411: Lusts, Likes, Reviews and Randomness

Did you all have enough fun viewing all of the Political Pretty FOTD's? I hope so, because I sure did. Now that we are over another weekend and I'm back, I have a few things to share. Some lusts, some likes and randomness.... Where do I start?

Let's go with LUST.

(photo: (photo:

I'm LUSTing after Smashbox's Coy lip gloss (gloss on the far right) from the Wicked Lovely Fall collection. I imagine that the girl in the promo pic is wearing Coy. When I tried it on, my lips looked as succulent as hers! Great texture, no huge glitters or shimmer, just a perfect cute and sexy nude! $18

Next, I'm LIKE-ing the Stila The Front Row Look Palette.


I know this is old news, but this is technically the Fall makeup! I was never a big Stila fan; price point a bit too high, the garden party drawings not as sophisticated.... ehh I could pass. But look at this packaging! It's sleek, feminine, chic and calling my name! I was passing through Sephora and thought to swatch this collection since Specktra's Blog and Erin of Makeup Fiend are big Stila pushers. To my humble surprise, once I swatched the clouds opened and harps started playing. I wanted to sing at the highest octave. Who knew that these shadows were butter velvet and uber pigmented??? Aw man! I. MUST. HAVE! LUST or LIKE?? It doesn't matter, this is hot! (I actually swatched the other two palettes in this collection, but I'm sure this one won't disappoint!)

Now, I'm really liking the Lancome Color Fever gloss.


Here's your review! While in Marshall's bath and body section, I happened upon two lonely boxes of Lancome. Kind of odd amongst the other brand name and otherwise unfamiliar bath and body products, but hey.. who could fault them? I was skeptical since I've had trouble with another type of Lancome Fever product and the drugstore sister gloss, L'Oreal Infallible gloss, but the cosmetic whore in me didn't let this go away. This random, $8 discovery was a diamond in the rough! I got a crystal rainbow color ( name translates to clear gloss) but that's okay with me. The formula feels plush, lush and smooth! It's the appropriate thickness... yes along the lines of MAC glosses, but no where near as sticky as MAC lipglass. Can both be possible in one tube? Yes! I am so curious to try other colors to see how evenly pigmentation spreads, covers, and lasts. I'm even willing to pay the retail price. The wand is exceptional too! The bent wand with an oval head mimics a smooth, diagonal, flat surface of a new lipstick. The head has a hole in it, but it layers the products on the lips evenly. Forget those juicey tubes! Me likey!

Randomness for your reading pleasure!
Cell phone updates:

Drugstore Paparazzi hasn't been out in quite a while.

Before all of the Jemma Kid and Napoleon Periodontis, Perdonite???....came into existence at Target, I found that you could also get your Clarins and Origins there too. Does your Target have this? I haven't seen this since (or I haven't frequented this particular Target in a while), but this oddly reminds me of the Coach and LV bags that made a brief appearance on Target racks.... That wasn't in your Target either? Hmmmm...

Totally random and not beauty related. I was out at the Golden Corral (all the DMV area folks, that would be the Boulevard location) having brunch one morning. After being seated, I noticed this non sense!

All kinds of corner store goodies being sold, Baby Bottle Tops and all...

Barack Obama screen printed t-shirts....

Even a cut out of him and a photographer! All in the middle of a restaurant! Oh, I shouldn't forget to mention that the candy front was a decorative measure for the dj booth! "Awww, we got some Redskins fans in the house?! How y'all feeling this morning? Here's my jam!" Maybe I missed the sign that this was the Sunday brunch entertainment. Why people why?

I hate this time of year. I now have to split my drugstore cosmetic shopping in half to try on costume masks =(

Well, I can get in on a little fun, right? (My first Twitpic on Twitter! LOL)

How was your weekend? What cosmetic product are you lusting after?


Amina said...

that picture is priceless!!
I am lusting over some Stila holidays collections, MAC tempting quad and Manish eye palette...

Dao said...

What's up with your teeth??? I almost fell of my chair LMAO. You are kidding right? Coach and LV bags at Target? You mean the "inspired" ones, right?

Check out Beauty Cruch, Kia. They have Stila stuff from the yesteryear for cheap. I'm planning to get myself a haul after I recoup from last month's spending. Thanks for hosting the FOTD challenge, I had tons of fun.

marisol said...

Great lemmings!

I am lusting after BBB Shimmering Nudes Palette, Tarte Day to Night Palette, a Chanel quad (blues) and so many more.

Virtuous Blue said...

seee....and now you have me lusting/liking on that lancome. Even though I know I should be running in the other direction of Marshall's since i've been going nuts in their home decor section lol.


<3 Shawnta said...

Baby Yum needs everyone of those old men masks!!! LOL

B said...

LMAO! I'm over hear dying at the teeth, KidYum and Golden ______. Good times, good times! What the....Clarins at Target? GTFOH! I definitely have to check that out. And OMG, you and that Coy---I'm going to have to check that out stat b/c you're like married to it, dude.

AvartsyPoverty said...

I'm an avid reader of ur blog....just discovered it a while back and have read thru pretty much all the posts, loved the mac brow post...that's the only way i do my brows now! The pics of u with the teeth are h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s!
Remain Blessed!

Vanessa M. said...

haha sexy teeth!!! love it!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I need that Smashbox gloss set!!!Those are the colors I always gravitate towards!

LadyJane said...

LOL!! I'm loving the old man!

Anonymous said...

I'm currently lusting after the new Givenchy body powder, but I can't seem to find it listed for sale anywhere.

PS: Awwwww @ BabyYum in full Halloween regalia! Has he decided yet what he wants to be for Halloween?

Bright Colored Makeup said...

LOL Deng girl who's your dentist? Hook it up! hehe.

Seymone said...


Apple Diva said...

You are funny. Your teeth are nice. I see u have a good dental plan lol!!
Nordstrom Rack to find Stila items. Good prices!

Jaimie said...

lol! the last pic cracks me up. I decided to to the contest me n brit talked about, you better do it, girlie!

yummy411 said...

@ amina: LOL thanks! great list! i'm all over stila these days!

@ dao: LOL.. yes i make myself laugh when i see these pics. that's why i had to post them LOL.. the purses in target... man they looked official to me, but then again i'm not a connosieur (sp?) and don't own any so i don't know... they didn't look 'off the stand' either. beauty crunch!! yes yes yes! you are right! i've visited the site before, but i wasn't a big fan of stila so i wasn't as interested. these days, that site is looking like heaven!!

@ marisol: ooh yum, i want to check out that tarte palette!

@ virtuous blue- hey kenya! glad you two made it back safely. check out the glosses.. they are great!

@ shawnta: LOL that boy doesn't know what to do with himself lol!

@ b: lmao! girl you are a trip.. it's corral (i used the dictionary, lol) hey, check it all out!! but clarins at target looks like a joke right??

@ avartsypoverty: thank youuuu so much. i really do appreciate your support. i appreciate all of my readers.. oh i love all of you guys!! (((hugs)))

@ vanessa m: thank you honey! LOL

@ bgg: they are gorg.. unfortunately they aren't sold in a set.. separately at like $18 a pop =(

@ ladyjane: another vote for the old man! LOL! wait which one.. the last one?

@ mandypandy: i saw your blog and you might make me start lusting too =p well the kid has buzz light year, the harry potter owl and a batman costume currently. with our many trips to target and cvs, he's determined to be something else. he has to wear a career costume to his school for halloweeen =p last costume i'll be buying!

@ bright colored makeup: fa sho! LOL

@ seymone: hahahaa!! hey that looks like a tweet from twitter

@ apple diva: yes cvs candy aisle has all the dental plans!!

nordstrom rack eh? i'll check that out too, but i was thinking the cco....

@ jaimie: thanks! LOL i'll check it out!