Saturday, October 18, 2008

Yummy411: Cult of Cherry Party with the Pretty Committee (Photo Heavy!)

To start, I had to get You Don't Know Jacques off of my nails. My sister helped me out by swatching some of my choices:

(left to right) Finger Paints polish in Be a Pal-ette, China Glaze's Crystal Ball, Icing's Awkward and China Glaze's Wagon Trail. Not great swatches, but she was giving me an idea and wasn't doing this for the blog. But, I like to take pics to see what they will look like under the flash and haha, they end up on the blog!
On her thumb, China Glaze's Lubu Nails.
I'm a sucker for jewel tones and lotsa sparkle!
What did I end up with?

China Glaze's Lubu Heels! (oh and that's my good ole Lancome Fever Gloss in Rainbow)

Lubu Heels is a faint black based polish with red glitter. I thought it would fit in nicely with our Cult of Cherry theme for The Pretty Committee meetup. Next, I'll definitely be wearing the Wagon Trail... LOVE!

The Pretty Committee met up on Friday night at Lauriol Plaza to celebrate Cult of Cherry, remember that collection? Great Mexican food with rounds of swirl margaritas!

Here's Nikkia and Sheryl

The group seated (left) Nikkia and myself. (Right) Sheryl, Shawnta hiding and Suzie wayy back there LOL

Suzie and Shawnta. Are you all catching the array of Cult of Cherry looks going on?

Nikkia and myself.

Sheryl (I didn't crop Shawnta out of the pic cuz she was wearing a great red lippie!)

For those of you bloggers that love to take pics of food and get readers all hungry, here ya go! Suzie's plate.

Suzie with her mojito.
Shawnta's food
My tastey dish of shrimp covered in Jamaican mango sauce with vegetables over rice. Smackin' ya lips yet?

Some pretty flowers that made me smile... carnations!

Me, trying to do the dark lip and debuting my Dottie Bird earrings that I recently got from AccesoRehab.


Eyes- HiP Lofty paint, Brash e/s from Spice Chocolate Quad on lid, Sweet Chestnut from quad on second half of lid, both aforemention shadows swept outside of eye to the top of my cheeks (I don't care that it may have looked like a rash, I liked it!), Soft Brown e/s in crease, Carbon on outer v, Sharp e/s on tear duct, black liquid liner on top lid, UD's Zero liner on waterline, UD's Lucky liner on bottom lid, L'Oreal Double Extend mascara, liquid liner black dots on left cheek. Cork e/s and Swiss Chocolate e/s in brows. Concealer to highlight.

Lips- MAC's nightmoth lip liner and Kirsch matten lipstick, sometimes it was topped with Lancome's Fever Gloss in Rainbow.

Face- MAC Face and body foundation, Mineralize Skinfinish loose powder foundation

I'm more of a nude girl, so this would really be my style. See my new babies (the earrings)?

Suzie remembered the feathered lashes that I loved and gave me heads up when she found some at her local drugstore. We are in the same area. You'd think they would have them at my local store too! Thanks Suzie!!!


Becoming Jane said...

Love it! I am a nail polish junkie!! I espically love the mulitcolored nails!!

Amina said... ladies look GORGEOUS!!!
i want a plate of food too :)

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when your back is turned! I'm glad you ladies had fun. I wish I would have been able to check in and find the date, but I'm sure this isn't the last event. You all look beautiful! Love that restaurant too, I hope someone had seafood enchiladas for me.

slvrlips said...

I'm loving those polishes very nice colors!!

I had such a fun time last night eventhough dark lips make me look so old. Anywho, Loved your look and those earrings were gorgeous!! Can't wait til next time

<3 Shawnta said...

AWWWW look at us!!! I love the green nail color! I had a fabulous time.....can't wait till next time! I'm looking like a loud mouth for real in that one pic LOL!!!

B said...

Yall look gorgeous..and that food--do Jesus, airmail me a plate!! Love the swatches and those earrings and lashes. Good times, chicas!

SuzieC said...

I love Wagon Trail and must have it! I had a great time and loved all the looks! I really loved the dots they really fit in with the look!

Gangstarr Girl said...

I sooooo cosign Lauriol Plaza. I went there when I was in DC two weekends ago. You ladies look gorgeous! I love your lipstick!!!

Askmewhats said...

looks like a great party! :) I love your make up !

Dominican Enigma said...

you hot mannas!

Lakia said...


MakeupByRenRen said...

wow girl that look is fierce! i love the lil dots! i told my bf the other day i need to scour the halloween aisles for some fun lashes!

Vanessa M. said...

omg those are some beautiful lashes!

Shawna said...

You look absolutely stunning and your locs look Fab too!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the dots! Speaking of which, I think one of these days, you'll need to wear Bollywood/Indian-style maquilliage. Oh yes, and wear a sari; you'll have to include plenty of pics of you in B'wood makeup and a sari! You know you want to!

Product Junkie Diva said...

you look too cute yummy. you go that nail color too.

nilla cookie said...

Looks like sooo much fun! The CoC looks are FIERCE, yo!

And I'm loving the food pics too! Making me hungry already.... LOL!!

rocketqueen said...

Oh you are one hella a good-looking gang! Hand me one of those margaritas, will ya? :D And the foood... YUM!

Tennsley said...

Very pretty!!! Y'all look like your having such a good time!