Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yummy411: Beyonce and NARS

Beyonce and NARS, totally unrelated, but two of the hottest things in my world right now.
B's new single is my anthem! How does she always get the club bangers?!

Love the song, but don't know how to feel about the vid. Hot choreography, but then again you expect jelly shaking from B. Jelly shakin river dance? The drop it low gyrating? I wish there was a real storyline in addition to the dancing.

Now here's the NARS part. I used the Cordura shadow duo over Fez single cream eye shadow. The business.

(picture courtesty of
This picture was the best I found in terms of accurate, clear color. The shadow duo on the right is Cordura, $32 (if you haven't seen it before). The best, most buttery, runway bronze and shimmery chocolate ever! I NOW BELIEVE. Oh no! Someone save me. I don't need another makeup addiction!!! I will not let NARS have my soul!

The single cream eyeshadow in Fez, $22 is superb. It's a nice natural, flattering gold shade. Minimal creasing and worked well for my brown smokey eye. It went on well as a base for the shadows. Very little creasing, if any. My lids had a wonderful, sophisticated glimmer. My camera couldn't catch the sparkle =/


Amina said...

I love her new single too but yes, all the shaking doesn't seem to make sense..

love the look!
My NARS Wishlist is insane!!

yummy411 said...

amina, LOL i know right.. okay, so share your list? something i need to look out for? i'm usually ONLY interested in the blushes, but the shadows are winning me over.

Dao said...

I looked at the tiny picture in my Blogger Dashboard and thought to myself, "Is that Beyonce?" Girl, you look so gorgeous! I adore this look of yours.

lala said...

Yeah I like this song and the other song she came out with..dope!!! <33 ..You look amazing by the way!! :)

Sunshyne said...

I like what beyonce's saying in her song, Im just not feeling the beat as yet. I think it will grow on me though. Great eyeshadow!

Scandalous Beauty said...

Loving the look!! OMG, I can't stop listening to Single Ladies. It's the hottest song of the year. It's gonna be hot for a good minute. I love the video! It's simple and cost like $5 to make, but the choreography is killin it! I don't even watch vids, but I can't get enough of it!!!

Miss Anjela said...

So beautiful, Kia! I'm glad that you posted the video because I haven't been able to get it out of my head! It's fiyah :)

slvrlips said...

Hey Kia, I so agree with you. B makes great club bangers but I'm not feeling her video at all.
This is my song of the day so if you don't have it check out the blog later on today.

OK I'm with Amina, my NARS wish list is growing and getting insane. I have nothing by NARS yet I know what a disgrace lol Very Pretty look

PBW said...

I've had NARS on the brain lately too. This weekend, I bought Taos and Oasis blushes.

Now I want that eyeshadow!

MakeupByRenRen said...

i'm loving this song too! girl if only we weren't in a recession...i'd be getting my armfuls of NARS!

Pumps And Gloss said...

I hate that I am feeling this song, specifically the beat (not the lyrics) LOL

I am glad u did a post about cream eye shadow. I was debating getting it. I will definitely add to my list.

Gorgeous look as usual!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey Yummy
I actually like both of B's new songs...she hits the nail on the head every time.
I have to really buy soemthing from Nars.

jeSmakeup said...

your eyebrows look good too! and thats from NYC? do u have a tutorial or a post... link me to it =) thanks xoxo

SuzieC said...

LOL @ the jelly shaking river dance! It would have been nice if there was an actual plot but it seems like having the video match the song is so 1990's.

Love the look!