Thursday, September 04, 2008

Yummy411: FOTD and My Stash (most of it)

Hey all! Ready for the weekend? Be sure to keep up with me via Twitter as I'm visiting NY for Fashion Week with Total Beauty for the first time. Yes, I'm a newbie and you'll hear all about it!

Here's an FOTD I did, in an attempt to break away from my every day colors (most recently the Tempting Quad, lol) especially my beloved crease/transitional color, Soft Brown e/s. I was on my way to my son's Back to School Night with a sinus infection in full effect and a metro route that's not made for wimps. Sometimes I feel like I need a Red Bull to face some of the public transpo highway traffic of people! (DC folk am I exaggerating? Metro Center, Gallery Place, L'Enfant Plaza during rush hour?) Nice time to try something new. Blech! I wasn't feeling it, but a lot of moms liked it. What do you guys think? (Nevermind the last pic. My face gave in to how I felt.)

  • Almay Illuminating liquid
  • MAC medium dark blotting powder
  • CoverGirl Queen Collection mineral bronzer


  • NARS LoveJoy blush



  • Oh Baby lipglass (still reigns supreme baby! hush all you naysayers!)

My Stash finally. Tine did a post a while back showcasing her collection. I've been meaning to do a post for her ever since. My pics and organization can't touch her's, but still... here it is!

The chest
The first drawer- mostly lip stuffs
Second draw- mainly eyeshadows
Third drawer- maily face stuffs (blush, powders, bronzers)
Fourth drawer- mainly polishes and some etceteras lol

Last and deepest drawer- all the etceteras... lashes, and some extra kit supplies

Yes, my economy sized brush cleaner-- had to have this stuff and is supposed to be in the bottom drawer, but I guess it's inconvenient for some people *cough*Toni*cough*

The mini chest just for face powders and some extra brushes outside of the main set

First drawer- I collect MAC MSFs and special casing beauty powders and bronzers

Second drawer- more msfs and beauty powders

Third drawer.. ummm same thing LOL

Well, there it is folks.. most of it that counts. The rest is in between my first mini train case, some soft train cases and 3 baskets. Have you shared your stash yet? Leave a link so we can check it out!


Shen said...

awww!! what an impressive collection and that brush cleaner is BIG! :) lol. :) love it!

i can't get over your eyes! sooo pretty!! :) amd your lips sooo gowguz!!

Connie said...

Ya making me drool, Kia! Excellent collection you have there. I've been meaning to sort out my stash but I'm never in the mood to do it.

Tine said...

Woah babes you kidding me? Yours is a MILLION times better than mine! Impressive stash, I must say :p

slvrlips said...

Great Collection! And very pretty FOTD! How would you rate the BN brush cleaner?

rocketqueen said...

Oooh love stash pics! Yay! And you look great as always!

Dao said...

I want your stash! Mine is so small that I don't even want to show. You have a ton of MSF which I envy because I can't use them. Nice eye look, I love it!

Mrs Optimus said...

I'm going to buy one of these drawer sets! This will be perfect for my extensive make-up collection. Thanks for the inspiration.

Tammy said...

I love your
I just a did a quick video of my stash, but like you I have mini stashes all over and I didn't get those on the video..

B said...

Okay, I'm dying laughing at the economy size brush cleaner. LOL--that's huge. Loves it. And your stash is....OMG, um--heaven. And I love the FOTD! Have fun in NYC! *tear*

Alyssia said...

LOL @ the brush cleaner....why does it remind me of antifreeze? But I thought the look was really cute! I dunno why you weren't feelin it! and the stash......i am speechless. GEEZE my stash has NOTHIN on urs! lol

Jamila said...

Ummm.... Brush cleaning must be serious business in your neck of the woods. Lol! Love the stash pics. Stash porn brightens everyone's day! Thanks!

fuzkittie said...

woah!! so many things!!!

(g)ezebel said...

you went to back the school night lookin' all sexy..??? those colors look beautiful on you.

Mrs. Lynne, said...

you looking so cute mama! purples are so great on you.

oohh, have fun at FW. i'm so excited for you!! i'll have to keep in the know via twitter, hah.

and you weren't kidding about your love for msfs!! whoa! btw, you've just reminded me that i need me some brush cleaner, hah!

Erin said...

WHOA @ your collection. Looks like mine, LOL. And I really like the eye look. I love the colors you used!!! And because of you, I am going to get Oh Baby liglass. It looks lovely on you.

Amina said...

I love the FOTD and your collection! I wanted to play with your
enjoy NY!!

Leeann said...

Dang girl! You are definitely well-equipped with all the makeup a woman could want!

Lucky you, have fun at fashion week. I'm jealous/thrilled of/for you!

PBW said...

I have a serious case of stash envy!

Have fun at fashion week!

Seymone said...

Yeah Yums.. Review the Ben Nye brush cleaner.. FOTD is on point. We should do lunch while ur in the NYC

Coffee said...

The FOTD looks LOVELY!!!

And talk about Stash Envy over here, Esp. the MSFs!


Vanessa - Van's Makeup Ride said...

lvoe your collection!

Anonymous said...

I love the look, you are way too critical!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Love all of your bronzers!!! You're very organized! I wish I could say the same for myself! LOL

Fun post! thanks for giving us a sneak peek!! :-)

Emilita said...

Nice stash pics. I think I'm drooling, lol. Your organization skills are impressive too.

Pumps And Gloss said...

Loving the stash. I still see stuff in boxes (not a good sign) LOL I think you need more, more stuff!! I have the same Black and clear storage containers (2 of them) Did u get from Target aka Targhay?

ShanSoPink said...

GReat collection!! My stuff still all fits in one drawer :)

And you are sooo right about the crazies on the Metro!!

yummy411 said...
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yummy411 said...

@ shen: thank you!!

@ connie: thanks!! i need more organization though.. everythings spilling over at the top.

@ tine: thanks!!

@ slvrlips: thanks! i give it a 5 out of 5.. i haven't had much to compare it to for spot cleaning. mac i would always use for a real good wash. other drugstore brands have been straight up disappointing so.. =/ i would love to try cinema secrets though.

@ doa: thanks! why can't you use msf's?

@ mrs optimus: you're welcome! yes they are very handy and they come with wheels.. target!

@ tammy: ooohhh i'll take a look soon! thanks for sharing!

@ b: thanks!! lol.. yes girl. the brush cleaner is a must on jobs.. refill the little spray bottle ;)

@ alyssia: yes it does remind me of antifreeze too! i wasn't feeling the fotd really cuz of the crease color.. the marbled sea foam and garbage green just looked like puke lol but thanks!! in pics it doesn't look that bad lol

@ jamila: well i freelance here and there, so it's SUPER handy to have! yes stash porn!

@ fuzkittie: i'm sure my stash has nothing on yours!

@ (g): yeh, lol... a lot of times i'll do my makeup at the end of the day before picking up my son. i know ppl at aftercare wonder about me hahahaa!

@ mrs.lynne: thank you! yes i bought a big bottle, cuz i know i'll run out and forget to replenish.. so no excuses now! so you are on twitter? i'm not sure if i'm following you...

@ erin: thanks! oh baby is a black girl's OG HG lipglass! did that make sense... let's just say MAC stayed in biz from us buying oh baby and c thru lipglasses. ahahahaa!

@ amina: thanks LOL! @ wanting to play with my stuff

@ leeann: thanks! it's been a while collecting this stuff!

@ pbw: lol.. thanks!!

@ seymone: thanks! will try to get on the review! sorry i missed the nyc opportunity this time.. going to the powder group's artist summit in oct? i am!

@ coffee: thanks girl! lol

@ vanessa: thanks!

@ juvenescent: thanks! lol sorry.. but if you saw the puke green next to the mute blue toned purple.. thanks anyway! lol

@ BGG: thanks.. now my next challenge is to organize it so that everything can be seen and not spilling over everywhere!

@ emilita: ahaha! thanks!

@ pumpsandgloss: yes both of the sterlite bins are from target. boxes i mainly keep for cushioning purposes

@ shansopink: lol thanks. there are always those special few on the train.. but even worse are the ppl with earphones that play music like boomboxes!!

Glossy said...

ahh awesome! I love seeing other peoples' makeup stashes!! God bless Target for those plastic organizers!

Great to finally meet you! :)

Aya said...

So so pretty! I love all your FOTDS ;) I organize my makeup similar to the way you do...of course I don't have as much, but I'm gettin' there. Love that you have a variety of products, not just MAC!

Ugochi @ Beauty 365 said...

i sooooo need to organize my makeup stuff, too!

Beauty 365
Beauty Every Day

yummy411 said...

@ glossy: it was great meeting you too!

@ aya: thanks!!

@ beauty365: when you get organized be sure to share with us how you did it!