Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Yummy411: Back from My Fashion Week Weekend!

I came back Monday from my whirlwind of a weekend at the start of Fashion Week. New York, the mob around the madness, bloggers, tropical storm Hanna, fabulosity, New York subway system, old friends, good food, spirited drinks, Twitter fanatics (were you all following along?)... good times rolling! I'll tell you all about how things went down this weekend from a Fashion Week newbie in my upcoming posts.

Meanwhile, I'll share with you this FOTD I did. As promised, I found another way to wear the Tempting quad. The Tempting quad didn't get as much play this weekend as I wanted to do some looks with Shadowy Lady quad. Cool colors, what a challenge! Look out for that.

Last year sometime, I heard the trend was to not line the top lid, but to line (or better yet heavily line) the bottom lid. Me being terribly conscious of my dark circles, this trend was not fitting for me. However, I've been seeing it more and more and I wanted to give it a stab!

FACE: CoverGirl Queen Collection pressed mineral powder foundation and bronzer, Fix+

CHEEKS: Blush Cargo's Rome, layered with CoverGirl Queen Collection mineral bronzer in Light Bronze using fan brush (loves it!)

EYES: L'Oreal HiP Witty Paint as base, Sharp e/s on lid through crease, Tempting in crease, Dark Edge on outer v, Magic Dust on tear duct, Revlon ColorStay Liner in Black on water rim, Mystery Kohl power pencil on bottom lid, smudged with Dark Edge shadow using the #219 pencil brush. Cork e/s and Girl Boy brow set in brows, concealer palette in medium as brow highlight. Maybelline XXL Curl Power lash primer with Maybelline Colossal mascara

LIPS: Propogate l/s and VG5 lipglass (didn't have a desired peachy lipstick on hand =/)

As much as I thought of Bitter, Fresh Green mix mineralized eye shadow duo and a host of other lime green e/s when purchasing the Tempting quad, Sharp e/s is truly is a different color. Looks lime in the pan, but much more yellow toned IRL and photographed. (I kept thinking, who pissed in my lime shadow? LOL)


Jovon Higgins said...

Make up looks great! I was a newbie at Fashion week too! I left Saturday and returned Monday! What did you think?

Jessica Dee said...

I love your make up here, it looks fresh and bright eyed! AND YOUR SKIN LOOKS AWESOME! & Girl, I don't know if your word verification is picking on my dyslexic butt but it's super long! This is like the 3rd time I've put it in haha.

Connie said...

Welcome back! glad you had a blast. A very pretty look!

slvrlips said...

Hot look!! I'm especially loving the last picture.

Make-up Junkie said...

Can't wait to hear about NY fashion week! So jealous - I was supposed to go but it fell through :( Your makeup is fab by the way!! :)

Dao said...

Welcome back, Kia! I've been missing you. How was NY Fashion Week?

I love this look, will try the lining technique you mentioned. Generally my deep set eyes smudge everything in the lower lash line but I'll give it a try. Lovely makeup, I love VG5 and Witty.

Elle said...

You looked great! So glad we ran into each other!

xo, L

Claire said...

LOVE your makeup. Thanks so much for visiting the Fashion Bomb!!!
See you at the tents,

<3 Shawnta said...

You are really making want to get the temping quad!!!11

Vanessa said...

such a pretty look!

Mrs. Lynne, MakeupFix.net said...

You look great ma! I absolutely love the tempting quad on you. Everytime I go to the store, I think of you when I see the quad, lol!

I didn't even know of the trend switch on the liner but I haven't been lining my eyes at all... err, well no eye makeup going on a couple months now *whine* lol.

Erin said...

I love the Sharp e/s!! It really is different from the rest of the greens. I'm so glad I got it. And you are WORKING that quad! Love it!

I didn't bother to get the Shadowy Lady quad only because I already have Deep Truth and I am not sure about the color next to it. Maybe I will get it, but that would be dumb, LOL. I don;t know.....

Sass said...

omg kia! fabulous!

yummy411 said...

@ jovon higgins: aww you left on saturday? it was nice, but i threw in some extras and my weekend was fab! how about you? let me go check your blog for some coverage ;)

@ jessica dee: thank you! and i'm sorry about the word verif.! if these spammers didn't exist, i would take it down. =/

@ connie: thanks!!

@ slvrlips: thanks!!

@ makeup-junkie: thanks! aww wish you were there! i'm sure you'll cover canada fashion week for us again right?

@ dao: FW was fab. missed you and all of the blog community (that's not on twitter) too! i'll tell all about it in upcoming posts. thanks!!

@ elle: thanks! i know! i couldn't miss your fabulosity in the tents hotness ;)

@ claire: no prob... i'm an rss reader... and i got my paparazzi pic of you and your fabulousness too!

@ shawnta: restrain! lol... but that's a compliment.. thanks!!! ;)

@ vanessa: thanks!

@ mrs.lynne: thanks! hahaha! i love the quad that much huh? a makeup hiatus is where it's at. our skin needs to breath and be comfortable without enhancements sometimes. you look gorg with or without makeup!

@ erin: i can't wait for you to see some looks i did with the SL quad and tell me what you think...

@ sass: thanks love!! how have you been?

Mischo Beauty said...

So very, very, very glad we finally met! Loved your makeup!!!!!!!! Can't wait to get together w/ you in DC! :)

Amina said...

so beautiful!!

An Indian's makeup musings said...

The eye makeup great on ya !! Love the brows too!
Heavily lining the lower lash line/waterline is very popular in India and many middle eastern countries. I personally think it defines your eyes like none other !

Dominican Enigma said...

I'm so happy we finally got to meet. Next time you'll stay longer and we'll all hang out. Hugs, DE

SuzieC said...

My fave quad!! I like the way it looks with just the bottom lined, I'm going to try that!

Coffee said...

Awww, darn it! My comment/question from yesterday didn't post! Drats!

Long Story Short: You're makeup is FAB, per usual! And do you think the thick lower-lid-line only would work for small, slanted eyes?


yummy411 said...

@ mischo beauty: i know!!! same here! let me know when you are free or when something's going on in the area!

@ amina: thanks chica!

@ an indian's makeup musings: thanks! haha us westerners are late to the trend!

@ suziec: be sure to post when you try it out!

@ coffee: thank you thank you! i think it would work! try it out!