Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Yummy411: Curling Lashes

When I did the tutorial for the tan and blue look I did on my sister a few posts back, she gave me an impromptu lesson on lash curling. Believe it or not, I own a lash curler, but never really used it as I use mascara and its wand to curl my lashes.

Me- thin, medium length lashes, slight unnoticeable curl
My sister, Toni- long, thin, almost stick straight lashes that hang down
(fyi lol- Jess, the next sister in line, has short curly, burly lashes and Kay, my teen beauty, has LONG, curly, burly lashes)

Here's what she told me...

  1. 1. Place the lash curler at the base of the lashes
  2. 2. Clamp down hard.
  3. 3. While clamping down, my sis says she combs the lashes up against the metal of the lash curler with the mascara wand (in the pic she's using her finger). [Messy, clean with makeup remover afterwards.]
  4. 4. After about half a minute, ta da! You have lashes standing at attention!

Here, in these first three pics, I tried to curl her lashes, using methods I heard about... press, and pump, pump the curler out toward the ends of the lashes. The last pic, shows how her curling technique curled her lashes.... interesting huh?

What do you think? Do you have a fool proof way to curl lashes? What about keeping them curled throughout the day? Inquiring minds want to know!


Anonymous said...

That was helpful. Can you show the appropriate way to put mascara on bottom lashes?


B said...

Okayyyy, so I am definitely going to try this trick when I get home tonight. I have to curl my lashes everyday with that good ole' Shu and for the most part my "curl" lasts. But I am with Anon....I don't apply mascara on the bottom lashes simply because I don't know how.

fuzkittie said...

Hey Yummy~

That is a really good tutorial, and interesting too. I have never heard of people doing lashes like that!

MakeupByRenRen said...

i just keep pumping and curling till i get the right effect...i think it's important to have a good mascara to hold the curl too..or else, all that curling for nothing!

Yannize said...

yummy...i abandoned the eyelash curler many moons ago when i came to grips with my short i wear falseys everyday!

Anonymous said...

Of course, there's always the eyelash perm.

An Indian's makeup musings said...

Great Tip on combing lashes while curling them. I think I can get the ones that bend sidewards to do the right thing now :)
Thanks girl!

yummy411 said...

@ anon- muthasfynest: i will do that just for you my dear ;)

@ b: let me know how this works for you. oh i shall be doing the bottom lash tutorial for you as well!

@ fuzkittie: me either, that's why i had to show you guys!

@ makeupbyrenren: i agree. we found for her that the maybelline xxl curl power primer does the job under other mascara! what do you recommend?

@ yannize: i hear you. that's the truth about mascara: it can't enhance what you don't have =(

@ anon: thanks! can you tell me/us more about it?

@ an indian's makeup musings: you're welcome! let me know how this works for you!

anonymous @ 4:06:00 AM said...

I first got my eyelashes permed when my beauty therapist recommended it. I loved it :). An eyelash perm curls your lashes so that they stay curled for about 1-3 months. It's really important that you have an eyelash perm done by a good beauty therapist though. If anyone would like to know more about it, I think this article is pretty good:

SuzieC said...

I so suck at curling my lashes. Sometimes instead of a curl I end up with a crimp...don't ask. I really do think I need a better lash curler, I just don't know which one to get.

Vanessa <3 said...

thats awesome i never thought of the mascara while curling them! ima try it out thanks!