Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yummy411:MAC Matte Cream and Oil Control Lotion

I am very concerned about looking sweaty when I take pics, so per my last post about foundation in Summer weather, I am still on the hunt for a easy routine, especially with my Go Mommy Go lifestyle, but one that will def keep the greasy, sweaty look away during the summer!

I mentioned that I wanted to experiment with oil control lotion and matte bronzer, but I had also heard about the Matte Cream and didn't know one from the other. I turned to MAC Chat to help figure out the two products, so that I could decide on one. Read our online chat: (with a bit of additional information thrown in at the end)

General Info
Chat start time
Jun 5, 2008 2:52:01 PM EST
Chat end time
Jun 5, 2008 3:01:02 PM EST
Duration (actual chatting time)

Chat Transcript
info: Welcome to MAC Cosmetics Online. One of our Artists will be with you shortly.
info: Hello. Thank you for your interest in MAC Cosmetics. My name is Marci. How may I assist you?
kia: hi marci! i have question about the oil control lotion vs. the oil control gel. what't the difference and which suits whom best?
Marci: Hello Kia!
kia: hi r u there?
Marci: I'm not sure which product you are referring too with the Oil Control Gel, is it MAC Matte?
kia: yes i'm sorry
Marci: That's ok. They are two completely different products. You can use them both to help control oily shine. MAC Oil Control Lotion is also a moisturizer and MAC Matte will help control shine and minimize the appearance of large pores.
Marci: MAC Oil Control Lotion is a lightweight, silky matte moisturizer that provides both shine control and moisture to your skin throughout the day.
Marci: MAC Matte cream gel mattes the skin and reduces shine without the use of powder. It acts as a light diffuser to visually soften fine lines and large pores, and also allows for smooth application of products like eye shadow and concealer. Apply with your fingers to visually soften fine lines and pores. It is also perfect under eye shadow and concealer for a smooth application.
Marci: Click here for the MAC Moisturizers page.
Marci: Click here for the MAC Matte page.
kia: great!
kia: last question...
Marci: Certainly
kia: what's the difference between the tinted lip conditioners and the tendertone lip products?Marci: MAC Tendertones are scented with Kiwi Strawberry, they also have a pleasant taste. Marci: And MAC Tendertones are a little sheerer in color.
kia: they perform equally?
Marci: I think so.
kia: thank you for your help!
Marci: Some shades of MAC Tendertones have a little shimmer too.
Marci: You're welcome!
kia: oh nice!

I have not tried the Tendertones yet! I did buy the Matte Cream instead of the Oil Control Lotion. I need immediate results! Stay tuned as I will give some more info about the performance of the Matte Cream! I wanted to post yesterday, but my electricity was out last nite due to thunderstorms and crazy rain in the DC area!


slvrlips said...

Great Post!!! Matte Gel sounds like it would be perfect For my clients that get oily in the T zone area after I have applied foundation. Thanks for sharing!!! I will have to pick some up soon and put in my kit

MakeupByRenRen said...

oh my gosh...i'm sooo glad you did this post...i have the matte cream on my list for when i go to orlando for 4th of july to the pro store...can't wait! by the way...i have tendertones and I loveeee them..they're so emollient, gotta get one!

I just saw slvrlips post: do you apply matte cream before or after foundation?

Shana said...

thank you for this post! I cant wait to read your review

Danyelle said...

"r u there?" lol, Yes I am so glad you did this post. I actually bought it but didn't give it a chance to prove itself. I traded it for my now pressed MSF, good trade but I'm still oily.... I'll be tunnin in to your results.

Leeann said...

You're awesome Kia! UI have been looking for a product to help with my recently oily skin. I will try this Matte Cream for sure! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the product. Oh, and I have the Tendertones in hot 'n spicey. I love it.I just got it yesterday and am totally addicted. I usually put lip products on once and never re-apply. However, because of the wonderful taste and appearance, I found myself using this product all day long!

Apple Diva said...

I enjoy the MAC's matte gel. :) Great as an e.s base

nilla cookie said...

boy those MAC folks are always so helpful!

Those Tendertones are super yummy - if only it didn't come in a pot :(

Lani said...

hey sweetness! thanks for this post! i've been very curious about the oil control lotion. perhaps i'll throw in the towel and purchase it on my next trip to MAC. ;) oh and i absolutely love the MAC matte. to me, it feels like, and works like smashbox photofinish primer but it makes my skin feel more velvety smooth. haven't tried it under eyeshadow though. gotta try that. luv ya mama ;)

Anonymous said...

Matte is the truth!!! BTW, I love Tendertones. They smell amazzzzing and give the slightest bit of color. You'll fall in love!

max.fabulous said...

Not to shamelessly plug myself, but I did a review of MAC Matte recently on my blog. Check it out here: http://willitworkforme.blogspot.com/2008/05/mac-matte.html

Love your blog!

Carleenp said...

I'm going to have try that MAC chat!

Also, you have been tagged! Here is the link: http://www.beautyandfashiontech.com/2008/06/tagged-my-beauty-favorites-and-secrets.html

Afrodite said...

Teandertones gooooooooooooo! I need to go pick up some more.

Apple Diva said...

Oh yeah I read that the tendertones had a vanilla scent *yuck*... I love the new scent, which makes them seem edible.

yummy411 said...

@ slvrlips: thanks! i agree. check back for my full review though.

@ makeupbyrenren: ok i guess i seriously have to get at least one... so far since i've had it, i only used the cream and a finishing powder combo, but it feels like something that can work over foundation, but i would def use a powder after. i'll do the foundation, matte cream and powder in that order and report back ;)

@ shana: np! review coming soon!

@ danyelle: you traded which product for the msf powder? as pretty as the msf powder is, it doesn't stand against anything! lol... i can hardly use it now as a finishing powder (to stand up to my oilies) =( unless i'm going some where that i know is air conditioned ... or.... i'm using after dry foundation.

@ leeann: another nod for the tendertones ahhh okay okay LOL! review coming soon!

@ apple diva: now that you mention it, i think i first heard about it thru you and your search to find a good base for your oily lid. thanks!

@ nilla cookie: i know! i'm with you. i wouldn't mind a tube instead of using crummy fingers =p

@ lani: hey lady!! you are spot on with that comparison to smashbox's primer (when i tried it). thanks for chiming in ;)

@ scandalous beauty: thanks! any advice for optimal results? ahhhh peoople people.. i'll get tendertone already .. LOL kidding thanks for the recommendation. i hope it's not addictive!

@ max.fab: cool! i checked it out! thanks! we have similar thoughts about the product.

@ carleen p: yes it's a great tool for MAC especially for those that don't have counters close to them! thanks for the tag! i participated in a previous post ;)

@ afrodite: ok really.. if you like something, it's worth it! you are hard to please, (so it seems in teh beauty dept *wink*) so i'll be sure to try it.

@ apple diva: the lip conditioner has a vanilla scent... (that i like lol) but i love a gloss that tastes good. when will MAC make their minty lip gloss?

Danyelle said...

Lol, but I like my MSF, alot, *tear* :)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you had a good experience w/ MAC CS; their Customer Service is notoriously poor. My experiences have left me wanting to beat my head against a wall. Yeah, I think the folks at MAC have it out for me.

yummy411 said...

@ danyelle: lol me too! now my sister is hooked as well. i'll wear it when i have on a pretty dry foundation like iman.

@ mandypandy: you want to beat your head on a wall.. or beat their heads. they can be very uppity and snippy sometimes.

(g)ezebel said...

i love the MAC online people. they're so friendly!!

i was wondering about that gel of their's. thanks for the review!!

p.s. LOL!! please email me at xgail6@gmail.com; i'll answer all your questions and more. *warm smile*

yummy411 said...

thanks (g)!!!

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