Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yummy411: L'Oreal Skin Genesis Daily Oil Free Moisturizer

I wanted to continue to talk about the MAC Matte (cream gel stuff), but I halted as I didn't have much oil to show on my face before and after using MAC Matte to give a good indication as to what the product can do. Why? Well, the weather has dropped a bit in my area, keeping us cooler and I've been testing out this oil free moisturizer.

The moisturizer that I've been trying out is the L'Oreal Skin Genesis Daily Oil Free Moisturizer is one of the products from the Skin Genesis skin care product line of L'Oreal (as the name indicates) that offers a boat load of skin and cell rejuvenation properties that you can check out over at L'Oreal. The moisturizer won Allure's 2007 Best of Beauty "Beauty Breakthrough" title. The lightweight, silky formula adds a touch of radiance as it evens, tones, and moisturizes.

Pros: light formula, a touch of iridescence, nice fragrance, pretty bottle and oil-free (helps in the heat)! My skin felt smoother and not a bit tacky to the touch through the day (granted that I abstained from outside weather). This product uses the new Pro-Xylane technology to rebuild and replenish the skin. Sounds like a good concept to try.

Cons: I hate unnecessary packaging. The moisturizer's bottle is fine, but the box it comes in seems a bit excessive and unnecessary-- put the product info on an insert! This is a new pet peeve of mine. This product contains no SPF! I honestly took for granted that facial moisturizers these days come with SPF by default. Because of my lifestyle, I need multitasking products. Finding an SPF that I trust and to add another product, layer, anything to my daily routine is not desired. How has Pro-Xylane really helped anyone? Numbers? The price is a bit steep-$25.99 for a drugstore product for the ordinary shopper.


B said...

Ohhh, for the price it may not be so bad. But you're right. I'm definitely a SPF-necessary chica these days.

Tine said...

I've actually wanted to try this out for a while now, but I thought it was pretty expensive for a drugstore brand. Anyways, yeah, no SPF=no go for me.

Askmewhats said...

L'oreal has a lot of product lines there! *come on l'oreal...I want more product lines* LOL

We don't have the HIP line, and we don't have that as well!!!! *groans*

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I love trying new moisturizers, especially those that are oil-free. I can't believe it doesn't have SPF!! That's shocking and almost pointless.

Thanks for the great review!

Leeann said...

Love how you did the pros and cons, that definitely helps when considering to purchase a product. Great review, as always!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that price is insane for a DS item. For that price, you could buy a prestige-brand moisturizer.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Thanks for this review...I don't recall seeing this in stores. Thanks for keeping me in the loop.
Product junkie Diva

Elle, Author of Label Ho said...

I am with you re: SPF. I just don't understand why all moisturizers come with it these days.

Jessica said...

I like the bottle

yummy411 said...

@ b: spf necessary indeed!

@ tine: i'm with you!

@ askmewhats: say what? darn sorry to hear..

@ bgg: lol right... you're welcome!

@ leeann: thanks!!

@ pjd: np, thank you!

@ elle: i know right!

@ jessica: me too! unfortunately...

nilla cookie said...

Hi Kia!

Love your pro and con list - but is it wrong that I read your con list first and got totally turned off? Um, no SPF?

I brought myself to read the Pros nonetheless and the iridescence part of it makes it sound kinda interesting. I like things that will give me a little bit of a glow in the summer time :)

Happy Sunday girl!

yummy411 said...

hey lilan! no it's not wrong.. no spf is a HUGE turnoff... i love iridescent products too, but you have your strobe lotion which is all you need. this is more of a brightner that once you put anything over it, foundation, etc. you wouldn't be able to tell.