Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yummy411: Summer Weather and Foundation

Hello lovelies!
I was inspired to do my makeup the other day, but being the foundation whore that I am, it was hard for me to look refreshed but to abandon the old routine. After walking out for lunch I realized 'OMG! My makeup stood up to the 90 degree heat that we felt here in the DC area!!'

Here's some cam whoring for ya... umm yes in one of my favorite shirts LOL

These pics were taken well after I got home, let's say around 7:30pm. Here's how my day went:
11:00am Applied makeup
12:20pm Walked in 90 degree heat for some lunch
1:45pm Ate lunch, work
5:05pm Took public transportation home (walking, riding train)
6:30 ish pm Home
7:00 ish Home, cam whoring, gearing up to do laundry

In these pics you can see I'm just starting to get a bit oily (esp. thanks to the flash), but I don't mind as I think I appear natural. Now if I was going right into a meeting I probably wouldn't want that, but being in Summer heat I like to appear polished , but that I'm normal, surviving the heat, sun kissed and dewy!

I used (my new power combo) for my Shag Blue look:
moisturizer (not even my lite summer moisturizer!)
Iman cream to powder foundation in Clay 1 (slightly damp #187 for light coverage)
Ben Nye powder (Italian Badger brush large)
Sincere powder blush (#187)

Urban Decay's Shag on lid (#239)
Matte blue side of Loreal HiP's Showy Duo (#222)
dark brown shadow in outer v (#219)
Remnants of LM Secret Brightening powder as highlight (#217)
Duo liner Pop Blue/Black Funk (black on top lid, bottom on waterline)
Maybelline XXL Curl Power mascara primer, Loreal Voluminous Carbon black mascara
Studio finish concealer, Laura Mercier Secret Brightening powder

remnants of my 1N lipglass with a bit of Love Knot lipglass on top

My next experiment will be some Oil Control Lotion for the T Zone, MAC's Face and Body foundation, (maybe, maybe not BN powder) and matte bronzer. Think it will work? Are you a foundation whore like me and can't really give it up during the summer either? What do you use for summer makeup on combination skin?


nywele said...

you're glowing!! What does UDPP stands for? Is it a paintpot?

slvrlips said...

Kia, Your makeup indeed stood the test of heat (LOL)
BTW loving the eyeshadow color combo. Very pretty
Thanks for sharing

Grayburn said...

You have great skin girl, you could even go without foundation. I like mineral makeup or a tinted lotion with spf and everything else they can throw into it!

It's a shame you didn't like Define a lash, but, hope that the second attempt will be sweeter!

x Grayburn

Name : yuki said...

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Vanessa said...

You look gorgeous as always!!

Caramel Mimi said...

Very pretty look.

Divine Blackness said...

MY dear Nywele...UDPP=heaven. The end.

You look beautiful, sis! My make-up has been standin' up to the Floridian humidity too so we're doin' somethin' right.

And..could it be? You smiling for the camera? LOL, fab!

Felicity said...

You have done a great job, lovely colours, it really enhances your beauty! Well Done!

Lakia said...


Askmewhats said...

you look gorgeous!!! the e/s colors suits you!!!!!

Danyelle said...

Yummy you have a cuuuuute smile! :) And the makeup stayed very well. I'm down here in Florida trying to deal with our 94 degree and 95% humidity weather. So, as much as I love my MSF loose foundation, I have to give it up because the glowy look can turn into greasy real quick, lol. I mainly use my concealer and the pressed MSF, BUUUUUTTT, if I'm going out in the evening or to church, foundation it is! Matte bronzer, I need some, tell me how that search goes.

Leeann said...

Love the eyes, as always! Let me know if you find a product that's good for an oily t-zone. While at first I loved me new Stila foundation and powder, I think it may be causing my skin to get oily =(

Ps...I tagged you. I'm sure you've been tagged a million times, so please don't feel obligated to do so again =)

Twinkle Twinkle said...
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Twinkle Twinkle said...

I have combo skin too. I use the Bare Minerals Prime Time primer and MAC Matte Gel on my forehead. Then I touch up with blot powder throughout the day. And as for matte bronzer, I just got Bobbi Brown's and Stila Sun is great too. Or Guerlain. There are a lot of good ones. Great look btw.

nilla cookie said...

Hi Kia!

I think your makeup looks great even after all day in the heat! I like to lighten up my foundation with a little bit of MAC Strobe Liquid during the summer months so that my makeup doesn't look so heavy. It's been a good combo for me - what do you think? :) said...

HEY luv! You're gorgeous anyway! Even if the foundation was whack youd make it work! I am so waiting for this oil control lotion. My skin gets so oily its freaking ridiculous. Its also hard to find an oil free lotion with spf in it. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Anonymous said...

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SuzieC said...

The eye makeup is lovely! DC has been no joke this week and your makeup looks great!

Anonymous said...

Ah, cam whoring... When I had a Myspace page, it was the highlight of my day!

P.S.: We're not camera whores darling; we're high priced Digital Photo Escorts! Actually, you and I are too classy for labels...

ladyjane said...

I love the way you apply your shadows cause your eyes are gorgeous as is, but they are intensified when you do your shadows. I love the second picture. You have such beautiful features :)

yummy411 said...

@ nywele: sorry! urban decay primer potion... short hand online makeup talk lol although i find myself calling it that in real life too lol

@ slvrlips: thanks girl!

@ grayburn: thanks!!

@ yuki: thanks.. is there an english translator on your page??

@ vanessa: thank hon!

@ caramel mimi: thank you!! how have you been?

@ divine blackness: thank you! lol are you the only one that notices? usually i don't smile cuz my face puffs up even more like a marshmallow!

@ felicity: thank you! i think i've been using these colors a lot lately... is it my fav combo right now? lol

@ lakia: aww lakia thanks!

@ askmewhats: thanks nikki!

@ danyelle: yes! okay you feel me! LOL... i have a post coming up soon but let me tell you know that MAC's matte cream is hotness!

@ leeanne: i will let you know what i find... ohhh thanks! a tag. i'll get over to your page soon.

@ twinkle twinkle: thanks!! and thanks for your response to how you keep your combo skin in check during the summer..

@ nilla cookie: hi there! yeh i was using my strobe lotion with my MSF loose foundation, but i finally saw what the MA was talking about... looking like i just got back from the gym.. glowing and sweaty! so i have to use it very sparingly. i'm glad the combo works for you. i have to figure the strobe lotion out soon because since i've made the discovery... i haven't touched it =(

@ fabvixen: thanks lady!! lol.. yes oil control lotion with spf sounds like a very hard to find combo!

@ whitney: thanks!

@ suziec: thanks !! ;)

@ mandypandy: *FOMAL* falling on my ass laughing! hi priced digital photo escorts!! yes yes yes too classy for labels!!

@ ladyjane: thank you so much! *blushes*

Virtuous Blue said...

girl, you have the "dewy" looked down packed. And I LOVE that eye look on you. It's so natural, yet has a bit of a sexy smokeyness to it. Definitely gonna have to play with that look.


Dee said...

you have the prettiest eyes...

yummy411 said...

@ virtuous blue (kenya) and dee: thank you!!