Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yummy411: TUBEYourLash Mascara Review

Mascara fiends, this is for you! TUBEYourLash Mascara is a new mascara that follows the trend of tubing the lash, hence its name.

Cheat sheet review:

Product: 5 out of 5- It lives up to its claims!
Packaging: 4 out of 5- Your standard sleek, black packaging. Nothing cheesy like Rimmel mascaras can be.
Product made for me: 1 out of 5- I like volumizing formulas.

They say the mascara "tubes your lash, is long lasting, won't move until you are ready to take it off, better than waterproof, easy to remove. " Yes, the mascara is all of that as this got a trial run while my allergies attacked reminding me that Spring is near. For that, the product gets a 5 out of 5.

While it didn't satisfy the thick lash girl in me, it did define my lashes a little too well. I haven't been giving my lashes any TLC lately, so they are getting rather wimpy and scraggly (is that a word? lol). The formula of this mascara enhanced that by defining them and tubing the wimp lashes of mine. I wonder how this would work in conjunction with a voluminzing mascara? Would it take away from the formula? I would love this more if the formula wrapped thick tubes around my lashes.

This is for you if:

-you have naturally thick lashes,
-have watery eyes,
-love the natural lash look,
-or want something that will give ultra definition to your lashes

Not for you if:

-have thin to no lashes to begin with
-you love thick, voluminous lashes,
-want volume
-want volume
-or want volume


Afrodite said...

Great review.

Mascara is pretty much the only makeup that remains constant in my life but it's Maybelinne Great Lash fo' life! Pink and green, pink and green!

Brittney-Lynn said...

I love this kind of mascara! I find that it doesn't flake as much as other stuff, which is great because I haaaaate flaky mascara. It is like a pet peeve of mine I'm always wiping away under my eyes. I could probably remedy it by not wearing waterproof but I just can't in Florida humidity!

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I really need to make that commenting box easier to see! I never get comments anymore, so thanks for hunting it down! :) I love your blog! I'm equally excited for Heatherette!

BabyDoll said...

I got this product as a sample from my dermatologist and I thought it was horrible. It did nothing for my lashes. I recently got the Volume X7 -I think that's what it's called-by Maybelline and I love it. I am still going to pick up some Dior Show too. I am always searching for a good mascara!

nilla cookie said...

Thanks for the awesome review, Kia!

I gotta say, this mascara is probably not for me. I have wimpy lashes that NEED volume.

yummy411 said...

@ afrodite: great lash has a cult following. it must work!

@ brittney-lynne: thanks brittney-lynn! keep up the great work. got you on google reader ;)

@ Baby doll: wow, interesting! i love dior.. VOLUME VOLUME VOLUME! LOL

@ nilla cookie: i love volume also... i used to use two mascaras.. one to plump it up and one to define ;)