Friday, March 28, 2008

Yummy411: Coastal Scents Sale 15% Off

Coastal Scents has oxides and pigments on sale for 15% off for a limited time only!
Check out the sale here!


Shana said...

Pardon my being "green" about oxides - but can you use these alone as shadows or are these one of the products used for mixing only. I see that it says safe for eyes, face and nails but I am unsure if that means when used to make your own makeup. Eager to take advantage of the sale but nervous about messing something up...namely my face. LOL As you can tell I am somewhat of a newbie. Also, people must have REALLY been taking advantage of this sale cause there isnt much left! *sad face*

ilurvemakeup said...

Noooezzzz *runs and hides under rock*

(g)ezebel said...

ooo, look at the purrrty colors!!!

yummy411 said...

@ shana: Shana, I too am a newbie/green to mineral cosmetics. however, i love coastal scents as a company. i know many of the pigments are pretty, but i put this sale announcement up for those that are interested in mineral makeup and those of us who like to experiment and make our own. to address your question, i'm pretty unsure myself and would love to learn more. maybe this could help you out: click here

i would venture to say these are for making your own cosmetics, but i would possibly try it in nail polish! look around the site for their own pigment/powders that they sale as actual eyeshadow.

hmmmm... a post topic?

@ ilurvemakeup: yowsers! i know. i say that everytime they have a sale!

@ (g): ultramarine pink looks soooo hot!