Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Yummy411: Milani Runway Wet/Dry Shadows

Well me ladies, this post is long over due. Alas, here it is! (My insight, since you may have seen this around quite a bit.)

I finally (quite a few weeks ago) purchased the not so new anymore single Runway Milani Shadows. They were so sparkly and pretty on the shelves, practically calling my name! My eyes would dazzle dressed in those shadows! In the drugstore, they retailed about $6, so I wanted to be sure that for a single shadow, I would love it.

I picked up: Bronze Doll and Silver Charm

I got home, mesmerized by the sparkles, and couldn't wait to tear them open! Agh! I was duped! The sparkles are only a top layer of sparkles!

Gah! Oh well... they give decent color pay off and are still pretty metallic and gorgeous with a velvety feel. I look forward to using them (after ditching the quirky, curved, double ended brush thingy.)

(with flash)

Do any of you have any favorite colors from this lineup?



I just picked up Caribbean Sea (sky blue) Shamrock (green) Coffee Shop (deep bronze brown)and blue lagoon (navy blue) Haven't really don't swatches or tried them out yet though. I finally found mine at K-Mart after looking forever for them.

Tine said...

Hehe, I'm actually pretty tickled by the bendy brush and sponge :P

MakeupWithLakahna said...

i personally love the shamrock as well. and the leaf green, great combo

Divine Blackness said...

Now I've heard about these but have yet to actually haul 'em and play with them. Maybe I will on a lunch break. The colors look pretty vibrant. What's the stay power look like?

Sass said...

cant wait to see a fotd with these. i saw them in wal-greens the other day and was pretty hesitant about them. they seem to be really pigmented though. and that brush looks crazy lol

MakeupByRenRen said...

oh wow those are really vibrant!

Lakia said...

WTF! @ the brush. LOL :)

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Hello, I stumbled across your blog through another blog. But yes, it's decieving that the layer of sparkles is just the top layer. I thought it was like that throughout the eyeshadow.

Virtuous Blue said...

lol, glad i'm not the only one who did a chuckle or two at that little applicator. I'll give them kudos for creativity tho. And I agree, it's quite pigmented. Thanks for the post yummy. I love drugstore finds for the cost effectiveness, but i'm always cautious with buys because I don't get to test them out before purchasing. Your swatches helped, so I think I might be giving them a try :-)


Shana said...

I got mine from Target. I dont even use that little wack brush, its like my hands are too big to use it or any event I already had the dark brown/bronze one. Sorry I dont know the name because I was so eager to use it that I accidentally took the sticker off the back while opening. About two weeks ago I picked up Blue Lagoon, Leaf Green and Silver Charm and thats only because those were the only ones left! I LOVE my brown/bronze one so I dont expect anything less with the others I just picked up. How are the other Milani products? I havent ventured out to try them yet.

ilurvemakeup said...

Damn it, Ihave yet to use mine! They're still wrapped LOL Lovely swatches. Girl get some Ben Nye... LOL I've been posting that everywhere so <333

ilurvemakeup said...

Ohhh sooo true :) I've been playing with them since I tackled down the mail lady and they blend pretty well. I even made different colors of my own :D MAC breaks my bank account so maybe this is a good thing for me. I'll live thru my MAC lemmings thru you hehe <3

Ginny said...

ohhh those are so pretty. i have not seen them in the stores around here yet, or i haven't been looking. very nice! reminds me of MAC msf shadows for some reason.

Anonymous said...

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the Muse said...

nice haul kia :)

I love these so much! Good quality for a ds brand ;)


Looking forward to an FOTD!

mrslanielovesmac said...

I was looking at the Milani Runway Shadows at Target but I wasn't very interested. Now that looking at your swatches and how pigmented it is I really like it. I'll have to go back then. Thanks for posting!

yummy411 said...

@ shawta: i'll check those out! i really wanted the deep blue one that looked like deep truth. i was excited to see milani at target (with a good selection) so i bought mine there lol

@ tine: yeh they are innovative with packaging huh?

@ makeupwithlakahna: i guess those are popular. i will check those out!

@ divine blackness: i just cracked these open, so i don't know the staying power. however, udpp opens worlds of possibilities!

@ sass: check them out and let me know if you like them!

@ makeupbyrenren: they are pretty bling! the photo was taken with a flash. i'll edit my post to note.

@ lakia: yeh, i don't think that it's ergonomically useful!

@ fabu-less beauty: love your blog name! glad you stumbled across my blog ;) yeh that was deceiving, but the shadow is pretty metallic so it's okay with me now hhaha.

@ virtuous blue: you're welcome!! can't wait to see your fotd's when you pick some up!

@ shana: i'm glad you got these shadows! i'm a fan of milani's blushes, shadows, the satin lipsticks, the shimmer strips and the pressed powder.. oh and the nail polish (on acrylics/gel or what have you). one other thing, i do love their glitzy gloss. so a search on my blog for milani and you'll see the items i like or recommend!

@ ilurvemakeup: lurve open them now so you can do an fotd for us!!! i'm cutting back on mac.. only special releases!

@ ginny: hi ginny! how are you?! they do remind me of those shadows, BUT they adhere and pay off much better!!! would you agree?

@ spankedelic: i'll be sure to check out your page!

@ the muse: thanks!!

@ mrslanielovesmac: you're welcome! thank you!


Afrodite said...

I haven't tried anything from Milani but I want to. And that curved brush is not the business.

yummy411 said...

afrodite, i highly recommend the glitzy gloss in all about me! i did a review on it. not as compelling on me, but try it out for yourself ;)

(g)ezebel said...

okay, i must be the only one on earth who doesn't own a single milani eyeshadow... :0/

yummy411 said...

yes (g) get on it!! LOL.. i am surprised though!