Thursday, February 14, 2008

Yummy411: Every Man Jack

Introducing: EVERY MAN JACK!

When I saw this new product in Target as I perused the beauty and health sections, my interest was piqued. Wow, something new on the market to interest men in skincare and to help them enjoy getting clean! I wondered how it was faring on the market. Even though I was interested, I was afraid of the idea that any man in my life would start a bathing ritual that would some how be longer than mine. NOOOOOO! LOL

Enters EVERY MAN JACK. The line includes basics for men like soap, shaving cream and aftershave.. oh yeh and throw in the luxury item, the exfoliator. I know men love it, but they don't gush about it like we do. I had the opportunity to try this line. I have initial impressions and lasting ones. Initial: I was a bit overwhelmed by the strong citrus scent of the products, so naturally I let my dad do the honors! First time for a guy's opinion on Yummy411. I think after a guy uses the products though, it will smell great on his skin.

Enters my dad.

(me) "Dad are you Every Man Jack?"
(Dad) "Yes. My name is John and it is common in America for men named John to be called Jack."
My dad is an every man jack. No frills, no puddy. George is a manly name that he likes and as kids, he dressed us in jeans, plaid shirts and dark sweaters. No pink until Easter.
(me) "So Dad, what do you think?"
(Dad) "I really like the citrus smell. I love the bar soaps that look like wood."
Our house had to have shiny hard wood floors that he always tasked himself with annually it seemed.

Dad on the shave gel:
"This stuff is great. I've used Nivea and Gilette shaving creams and have turned back to soap, which worked as good if not better. Now this, is my new shaving cream! Such a smooth shave. No knicks or missed hairs. Everything is gone. This is so smooth. This can compete with anything out there. I didn't have to shave hard for a good shave. No turning back to soap."

Ew dad! Not plain bar soap on your face!

Dad on the bar soap:
(body bar citrus scrub) "I love this. Honestly, I do. It's a huge bar that fits in my hand perfectly. Not feminine where it slips out of my hand, curves and all. The wood look is cool to me. It has these grains in it that gives you a good scrub. I feel fresh and clean, like all of the dead skin is scrubbed off."

"It feels great, goes right with the soap. The bottle on this is interesting. I broke the top trying to open it, not realizing how it opened, but I finally got it. "

Dad on the face lotion:
"Not a greasy feel to this, but a little shine on my face that says I'm moisturized. I like that. I wish it smelled citrusy like the soap."
Lol, I think my dad was used to getting Vaseline slapped on his face as a kid during the winter. Every Man Jack says that it has methyl to soothe, marine extracts and shea butter to hydrate, and aloe + Vitamin E to protect. By the way, this was my favorite product because of the smell (Signature) It smelled like a man, but not harsh and brut!

Dad's overall feeling towards Every Man Jack:
"This stuff is great. I like taking care of my skin, but I don't want to go far to do it. No salons and spas for me. I love the smell and the packaging is nice. I can't really find any thing bad about this stuff. This isn't for the metrosexual man, but a manly man."
What does my dad know about metrosexuals? LOL

"I can't say it enough that I really can't find a con with these. I'm glad I can run back to Target for more. Where's the shampoo and conditioner?"

Thanks Dad. It's nothing more pleasing than when my dad finds something he likes, as he's the mellow type that usually settles so that others are comfortable or to not cause a hassle. Check out Every Man Jack's website. It's really cool and reads in 'guy talk.' He'd get a kick out of it.

Ladies, they even sell gift sets! Ehemm, excuse me that's 'gift kits' in guy talk that they use on the website lol. Darn! They even have a Valentine's Day set. And dad, they do sell shampoo and conditioner =)

Lasting impression for me: I love how this is made specifically for men.
The products aren't intimidating and they won't make a man think or feel 'girly'. Anything that impresses my dad THIS MUCH... it's a winner in my book!

Sold locally in Target.


slvrlips said...

Kia, this is a great post. I love that you interviewed your dad. Tell him I said hello( wow I haven't seen him in a long time) I showed this post to Maurice and he like your dad liked the look of it but, now he wants me to go and purchase it for him. So he can test it out. Men right!

yummy411 said...

thanks nikkia! i'll tell him you said hello! you should get him so that he can try it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Yummy,

I will be buying this product for my special someone to try, and will let you know his comment.


yummy411 said...

yay Mutha! can't wait to hear the feedback!

(g)ezebel said...

this was soooo cool to read your dad's review on products!!

yummy411 said...

thank you (g)! my s.o.s isn't around for comment LOL but i think i'm going to get him some and see what he thinks. i think he'll like it.