Sunday, November 25, 2007

Yummy411: Uninspired, Events, Fotd's

So, I know this was holiday weekend for most people, but since I'm not out of town or doing anything lavishly (shopping, etc.) I'm at home, looking for beauty blog updates. Why? Because right now, I'm in a slump and need inspiration. I know I get in these slumps where I'm not inspired by my mags or makeup, etc., but this one's lasting longer than usual. I was on a makeup shopping fast and I couldn't have done it at a more inconvenient time: Holiday season! Well, I didn't have much of a choice since my money would be super tied up with tuition and LIFE!

Now, I've found bigger reasons to explain why I'm in my slump that will take more time than I'd like to resolve. The two main reasons that I feel I've fallen into this slump: organization and weight loss. *gulp* There, I said it. I won't go into details to save myself some dignity. Just know that birth control is a bitch! ugly monster with a thick, black unibrow... As if I had already been winning the war against the weight on my own. Thanks!

I think this all started back a little after I went to see American Gangster. Great movie, great Denzel performance, but the reality of it all went straight to my stomach and I had knots for two days!
Here's my fotd (on the right) from the night I went to see the movie. I actually liked this makeup, but it was all down hill from here.

Next exciting event, I went to the Nordstrom's Cosmetics Trend Show. It was my first time there, though I truly believe I've walked through many of the shopping escapades after a trend show. Waking up at 7am to get to a 7:30am show has never been so much fun. Little breakfast boxes were handed out and a cosmetic gift for attending: a cute, small, soft gun metal traincase. Inside were samples of perfumes and facial products. I had an appointment with Smashbox Cosmetics. The artist was fun to work with and she gave me a simple look with their products. I can't say I was wow-ed, but it was nice to be made over.

The nice, fun and down to earth artist gave me a look using the Photo Finish Foundation Primer Light , eye brightner under my eyes, their liquid foundation High Definition Healthy FX mixed with Artificial Light in Prism (the first product that made me fall in love with Smashbox, concealer (on top of the under eye brightner)- Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer, AND a little powder foundation. All of it felt lightweight and surprised me as products I would consider taking home. For the look, she used the Fusion Eye and Cheek Palette in Reflect (cool toned colors) from the Beyond Beauty Collection. Three colors on my eyes and a sweep across the cheek palette for my cheeks. She used the Brow Tech in Brunette, which she actually did a good job. Of course, I had to fill in the front of my brows for my desired square shape. During makeover, I'm very apprehensive about my under eye circles and brows =( To line the top lid she used the black waterproof liner and my crease color was used as my bottom liner. Mascara topped off the job. For lips, she used one of their sheer liners and a little gloss.

Again, I wasn't amazed by any color or application technique (which I'm usually looking forward to seeing) but the colors were all smooth, well blended and she applied my crease color with great placement for my eye shape. I think I do too much with my crease color sometimes and my brow bone hangs over giving me an undesired shape to my eye color. Sorry, you may not even notice, but I think that's my own quirk with my work and why I haven't been feeling too hot about my fotds.

To give a little spice to my eye game, I thought... okay, let me try MAC's Uppity fluidliner AGAIN. This Uppity fluidliner gets on my last, damn nerve! The consistancy is thinner than the other fluidliners. How am I supposed to use it? I was told to put it over a black liner, which is what I was doing here, but it looks so messy to me. Then from a short distance, it's barely noticeable =(( I had high hopes. Return or not to return? Help!?

On Thanksgiving, I gave it another try as a base. I only used it over concealer to ensure a smooth application. It looked nice to me. Definitely happier about it as a base than a liner. (No lipgloss= ashy lips= not a good look, lol)

Up close, it still looks choppy and chalky... ew! oh well! =((((((((((((( It reminds me of my Urban Decay Primer Potion, making some of my shadows look a little choppy and hard as hell to blend! Karen warned me about the UDPP, but I was convinced that I had either used to much or didn't let it dry properly.

Lastly, I'm loving the pigmentation of these Wet 'N' Wild trio palettes. I've gotten 3 of the 6 that are available. Here's an example of what they are like with only concealer being used as a base. Of course, I don't like this fotd either =( I also have on some of their Winter Holiday Illuminating Powder all over my face. (Can we say drugstore beauty powder??) I bought it in the spirit that I can't afford MAC's stuff right now =/ Did you guys know that Wet 'N' Wild is a cruelty free company.... extra brownie points!!!

I check the mail and see that I've gotten an evelope from MAC! Could it be, would it be what I've been hoping for? An invitation AT LEAST to a private launch party? NOPE! Just as my luck would have it, no invitation. A promo for the Stylistics Collection.

Even though I get in these slumps and I'm uninspired by makeup and pictures or whatever else is out there in the world making me groggy and no fun.... I always have a reason to smile =)


Jamie@city-itis said...

I definetly understand a blogging slump.:) I like brow tech and some of the other Smashbox stuff but their color stuff is not as impressive.

nilla cookie said...

I had a ton of fun at the Nordstrom Trend Show when I went also! I had my makeup done at the Chanel counter but didn't pick up anything because someone swiped my shopping bag with the goodies I picked up beforehand - boo, haters!

I love how Uppity looks there in the pic, but if it's too hard to handle (and makes us grumpy while trying to apply), I say return it!

Hope you find some of your inspiration again because I love your site!

Keep up the fab work, girl!

yummy411 said...

@ jamie: hey chica! yeh, their line isn't as colorful or as multi-dimensional as i'd like. =/ but i can appreciate a line for quality products to enhance natural beauty.

@nilla cookie- omg! are you serious? i can't believe that happened. i guess you can't let your guard down anywhere!

you like that uppity line? it wouldn't make a smooth stroke for nothing!

thanks for the good vibes. i appreciate it =)

Divine Blackness said...

Awww Yums. Great post. And I would say get out of the slump, but sometimes it's okay to not always be so happy and cheery and inspired. Hell, life isn't like that all the time so why should we be? But that's a convo for another day. Birth control a bitch, uh? I'm constantly going back and forth about jumpin' on that b/c my cramps are like getting run over by a train, survivng and then accidentally running into a jack hammer turned on full blast.'s that serious. Cheer up in that regards because you look damn good and I would endure cramps everyday to get some brows like yours!

Uppity seems to be super popular 'mong MAC folx. I'm diggin' it on the lower lash line (or is it the waterline? WTF, I suck). But if you like it better as a base, I say keep it. I'm interested in investing in it since it seems to have done some folx some good. But not anytime soon because I've put myself on make-up investing probation. Per said practice don't purchase and I'm gonna take heed so thanks! So anywho (sorry for the long reply, but you had the long post so really it's your fault, LOL!) I feel you on the UPDD. It's actin' up with me these days. F-ing my shadows up. But I do like how Uppity looks....what's the color you used on your entire lid? Looks like Woodwinked. Or maybe Honey Lust.

And the Smashbox looks good on you. Would you recommend the Photo Finish? I mean it better than Prep N Prime? And look at your locs! So cuuuuute. I need someone to start me up so I can get on my loc game too. I've said enough. Baby Yum is adorable as always and hope this week brings you a bit inspiration.

Peace and Brow 2007 Award

yummy411 said...

hey b! thanks so much for the long post needed your long reply. i love hearing your comments!

while bc is a bitch, i'd be lying if i said i wouldn't take my extra 20lbs gained over a 9month period 9oops i let the cat out of the bag!) over those cramps and pain. i'll take the bc any day! i understand when you say that they are serious. i've been through childbirth and labor naturally with no pain meds and that might be easier than going through my periods so trust that i do understand. the bc's are part of my treatment. if you feel like your cycle is hindering your quality of life (mine was, money lost, time lost, i couldn't take care of babyyums) by all means, do your research and try it. you don't have to stay on it.

so you like uppity too? i might hang on to it cuz i'll be damned if i see an fotd on specktra that looks hot and know i could have achieve the same had i kept my uppity. i said i used it as a base, but i guess it was a base/inner corner color. so that's all uppity f/l. when i used it on my water line, i was looking for some bling, 24k waterline! i have molten sol which i think i actually like better, but i do like uppity around my tear duct area. so you feeling me too on the UDPP issue? right... basstaaads! back to using my concealer =/

thanks! as someone without serious pore issues, no i don't think it's any better than mac's. hell i'm not sure if the mac stuff is doing anything for me, but i like to think that is is... (makes your skin feel silky smooth, the shimmer particles, a barrier between skin and makeup, not too heavy) will i reup? hmm time will tell. besides, as someone pointed out to me, the photo finish primer has more of a film to it after you apply it because it's like a gel (i guess for those lines and huge pores). mac's is a thinner lotion of sorts that seems to absorb better. smashbox did come out with the light formula, but i wear my foundation as sheer as possible, so it's hard for me to say what's better. for me it would depend on price.

locs... girl i need to do a post on it. i'm interested in the outcome of my locs, but in these beginning stages, it needs some real maintenance that i wanted to eliminate.

thanks again for your comments and encouraging words. i'll get out of this slump soon!

Tracez of my Lipstick.... said...

hey lady I could agree with DB more! you soooo do NOT have to be happy all the damn time! [lol] we've all been there!

And I think I like FOTD's created by YOU as opposed to the smashbox stuff....I've never been a big fan of their products. I'm not sure what it is, it could of been her technique...but either way your looks are a lot cuter!

Oh and are not the only one on a "makeup shopping fast"....I just gotta new place, and it's my if you can imagine, I have tons of stuff to buy and makeup does NOT make the list!

I hope you feel better soon girlie...oh and yeah the WnW trios are highly pigmented, and when you use them with a decent base they tend to last pretty long!


karen, said...

Hi Kia,

I really enjoyed this post - it was very well written. You look very pretty in all of these looks, and the pic of BabyYum at the end is very sweet.

I hear ya on the trials of gaining/and losing weight. It's hard, I know. I used to be rail thin in college and then put on a lot of weight in my mid-twenties because of hormone changes and personal issues going on at the time. I lost a lot of weight before my wedding, but even now, I still struggle with it.

One thing that helps me these days is keeping a few hula dance DVD's around, so that I can always sneak in a workout even when I don't want to go to the gym. I figure, it might not be three miles on the treadmill, but at least it's something! I've got a lot of other fitness/weightloss tips so email me sometime if ya need help, or if you just need someone to cheer TEAM KIA on!

Keep your chin up, girl! Big hugs! :)

Baby Doll said...

Ahhh...I know how you feel and I think we've all been there. It could just be that "season". You'll be back on an upswing soon enough!

We all have weight issues too!!! I have a 17 month old daughter and that was my worst of fear of how much weight that I would gain during the pregnancy. Surprisingly I only gained 25 pounds with her and I lost it all by my 6 week check up. Now I said all that to say that there was still another 40 lbs looming that had nothing to do with her at all!!! LOL I recently lost 35 lbs (preparing for my wedding) and I am praying that I can lose the other 15 and keep it all off! I also now have the IUD instead of regular birth control pills. I never did well with BC!

Now on to make-up...I hate uppity! It's too water and always runs when I used it. I am a MAC advocate but that was one product that I couldn't stand by...LOL! I line my top lid just about every single day (it's my signature ;o) and I only use revlon liquid liner. That's the only one that's worked the best for me. I love the consistency of it and the applicator.

It'll be okay girl...this too shall pass and brighter days are ahead ;o)

yummy411 said...

@ toml: thanks for the uplifting words and compliments! we'll still find a way to look with our beauty being on a budget. let's share our finds! also do you have a fave wnw trio or combo?

@ karen: hey karen thanks! i'm feeling better that i've pinpointed some time in my schedule to exercise without sacrificing other things. (i had to do it right after my post because i was feeling very off track.) i've bought exercise dvds in the past, but now i think i'll make better use of them. i've also been combing through some old mags (essence and glamour) for workout routines.. i'm excited. yes, i will be contacting you for other suggestions and tips. thanks again for your support!

@ baby doll: omg! i'm around people all the time that have babies 1-2 y/o and have bounced back to their old selves in no time! like you, i gained ALL my weight after the baby. i was never slim to begin with, but i've never seen this side of the scale =(

congrats on losing so much weight! also congrats on the upcoming wedding!

does the IUD work better for you in terms of the weight gain side effects?

and back to so i'm not the only one that doesn't think too highly of uppity? i'll have to check out that revlon liner too. thanks for the suggestion! i appreciate your kind words =)

Tracez of my Lipstick.... said...

Hey! i love venetian violet....its super blendable and you can control the intensity of the colors. I think it's one of my fav trios! one day I'm gonna mix up the colors, but theyre beautiful on their own...especially for fall!

Oh and I also have some of their illuminating powder in 'bora bora'...i just got it about a week ago and I really like it, it gives a glow without make you look shiny(which is great for my combo skin!)

This is hard, but it'll work out...right?
[lol] I need reassurance, I am so tempted to go get one of the holiday brush sets from Mac on! lol

Precious said...

I'm soo sorry I haven't commented in forever! My bad ;[.

I have to're gorgeous! You're 'brows are always killer.

I just wrote an post with some items you may like (& yes, it allows comments!). I live by these items. I, myself, am trying to drop some weight. I'm not trying to get bigger this holiday season you know!?

Take care hun!

yummy411 said...

@ toml: asking a MAC addict if you should get some MAC or not! are you kidding? LOL just joking.

reasons to get the brushes:
-you are a MAC addict
-you've been wanting MAC brushes for a long time and won't be getting a full sized brush for a while
-you need the 187 or 219, so buying the set would be getting either brush and a couple others as bonuses with a cute bag

reasons not to get the brushes:
-if you can't get the brushes now, you can get the same brushes for less for about the same quality (check sephora brushes when they go on sale!)
-you have all of your basic brushes
-there are some cuter sets at sephora, stila, sonia kashuk's gold set (ooh i'll be purchasing that!) etc.
-they'll have the same thing for a nordstrom's anniversary sale or holiday next year
-once you get either of the sets, you may not want any more because you realized they were overrated(like me!)
-money is tight

hope that helps.. unless you get like i do- sometimes i'm just happier getting what i want regardless of the repercussions =/

yummy411 said...

hey precious! good hearing from you.. i'm running over to your spot to check out the new stuff!

Afrodite said...

Let me tell you about some birth control! I was on Ortho Tri-Cyclen and I felt like a demon seed on steroids. I could obliterate anything in my path with just a glance of my eye. Can you say moody? But I digress...

I like Uppity up close and then from afar I was like: where did it go?

And the Smashbox makeup job is tres cool! The contouring is gorgeous.

yummy411 said...

hey afrodite! the bc stories are horrible

yes, another one against uppity f/l. i should take a poll lol


Baby Doll said...

Girl yes, with a little hard work you can definitely bounce back. I've had the IUD ever since I was able to after I had my daughter so I lost the weight while I was on it. I don't think the IUD caused me to gain any weight but you never know what works with your body until you try it. It may not be for everybody, but maybe you want to discuss it with your Gyno. I love's so convenient and I never have to think twice!

yummy411 said...

i've talked to him about it before, but he felt it wasn't my best option. i do have more to discuss with him. thanks for the insight!

I♥M·A·C said...

OMG hun, Uppity looks amazing on ur waterline, I passed up on Uppity because I love Molten Sol LLL, which is not an intense gold but it's gorgeous <3

Mrs. Lynne said...

Girl, you're just gorgeous. I LOVE Uppity on your waterline. Looks so captivating.

Keep up the great work! You're inspiring to me :)

Make-up Junkie in Canada said...

Wow - I shall have to try Wet n' Wild shadows and shimmer powder!! The colours were gorgeous on you and I loved how dewy and luminous your skin looked. And your son is so friggin' adorable!! It's amazing how your baby's can bring a smile to your face on a blah day!

yummy411 said...

@ i <3 MAC: thanks!! i love my molten sol lll better, esp. as a liner =/

@ mrs. lynne: thank you !! awww!! we'll inspire each other. i love your fotd's!

@ joy (mujic): thank you! yes plese try the shadow and the powder is nice. however, with a strong cocoa butter scent that's not my favorite. babyyum says thanks! LOL

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Idol Lash said...

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