Friday, February 15, 2008

Yummy411: Guerlain Fleur de Feu Eyeshadow Compact

I was browsing some Fafi over at Kiss and Makeup to find this Guerlain Fleur de Feu eyeshadow compact. *DROOL!* Oh it was quickly mopped up with the $57 price tag. Hmmm. I didn't get a V-day gift. Does that count if I splurge? Nah, not happening captain. Pretty though.


Seymone said...

This is gorgeous. Maybe if I return everything from Fafi, I will buy it.. I am so disappointed.

Anywhoo I did a look for Fafi. Maybe fafi should have been promoted as neutral colors for the summer.

slvrlips said...

this compact is so pretty to look at but for 57.00 that's all I'll be doing.

Mrs. Lynne said...

Look at the cute print on that! But @ $57, I would be hesitant to break the print. $57 for looking? ;) Hah.