Thursday, February 14, 2008

Yummy411: Drugstore Beauty- New Milani

Look what I found. Vanessa alerted us to when Milani debuted the new single pot blushes again (repackaged), but randomly I came across some more stuff in my local CVS. I can appreciate this one location for having new stuff, but it's never the complete collection! I'm the beauty aisle paparazzi! Sorry for the nasty cam pics, but I can't really show up in the drugstore taking real pics!

New Runway Eye Shadow ($5.99 I believe). Great colors, but it reminded me of MAC lustre eye shadows looking at it through the packaging, which I hate. I might buy one, just to test for myself. Besides, having luck with the Fafi lustre shadows, I'm hopeful!

The newest mascaras, each having different functions. You all might have seen these popping up already. Interesting packaging. Catches your eye. I'm stuck to my Loreal Voluminous though.

A new brow Kit 'Brow Fix'. Two shading colors and a highlighter. I think it has an angle brush, tweezers and a sponge tip applicator.

Ooooh check these out. These have me intrigued. Glow Natural Liquid makeup cased in a tube with it's own brush applicator! ($8.49)

I just wanted to show you all this photo I caught with Belightful IPP showing off in all of its glory from yesterday's fotd. Please don' t go this heavy when using it, but you see what it can do.

Have you seen or tried any of these Milani products? Recommendations?? Let me (us) know!!


Vanessa said...

You look stunning! OOH! I can't wait to get my hands on some of those eyeshadows!

Mrs. Lynne said...

I have yet to break into Milani, but I imagine I will be breaking in soon with all the raves!

MakeupByRenRen said...

ohhh the milani stuff looks super cool but i hateeee lustres, so you'll have to tell us how it is...i got belightful too! love it!

Divine Blackness said...

I love me some Milani. Seriouslyyyyy. I haven't seen these items yet. I didn't see them at the CVS I stalked in Los Angeles or at the 3 I've been to since moving to Florida. What's really good? That IPP is hotness on you, Yums!

ohsoshy said...

I have the Brow fix in Medium and so far so good :). I also have their new blushes (theres 4 of them) and I LOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEE them! Very natural looking :)

yummy411 said...

@ vanessa: i'm so curious about them but they remind me of lustres and i'm afraid. though udpp should do the trick or using them with a mixing medium...?

@ mrs. lynne: i hope you get to try some. the star of the products so far is the luminous blush!

@ makeupbyrenren: i'm so glad that you love belightful. belightful and star have been collecting dust, but i'll bust them out soon!

@ divine blackness: lol i know what you mean! i scout different cvs wondering if i'll see something unexpected. lo and behold in my neighborhood they have this stuff, but not the new blushes. i have to get that at another cvs =((

@ ohsoshy: i love that name! ;) thanks so much for letting us in on the brow fix!! can you tell us what's all included in the compact? is there a wax? i found nyc's shadow too dark, but i love the wax and tiny tweezers.

Anonymous said...

I tried the new 'mineral' blushes in Sweet Rose and Luminous. Sweet Rose is very similar to Nars' Mata Hari, it's similar in color, smoother in texture and very well pigmented, but it doesn't last very long on my cheeks. Luminous looks a bit like Nars' Orgasm, except it's not very pigmented, not nearly as smooth in texture and simply leaves a faintly pink, golden sheen (similar to Nars' Albatross, minus the chalky white pallor).

ohsoshy said...

Thanks! I though it fit me to a T!

The Brow Fix has a highlight color, and two brow powders that you can mix. There is no wax, but it does come with tweezers, an angle brush and a sponge tip applicator. The compact is fun and easy to use! I like it because it doesn't give my brows that "done" look. Very natural.

yummy411 said...

@ mandypandy: hey mandy! great to hear from you! thanks for those reports! i'll have to take a look into mata hari and sweet rose. i have luminous and it's one of my fav blushes/highlighters!

@ohsoshy: thanks for giving us more info! maybe i'll pick up a compact.