Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Yummy411: Happy New Year!


I hope you all did something fab to usher in the new year. I didn't. I monitord Babyyum since he was running a slight temp. We watched the ball drop together and called it a night. While we were waiting for the ball to drop, I did what was only natural; played in my makeup and tried to make up a look that I would have worn if I were going out.

Here's the look:

-Satin Finish mineralized skin finish
-MSF Natural in medium dark
-Drizzle Gold loose beauty powder
-(eyebrows) a lot of concealer (to hide hairs--ahhh! I need my brows done!) and Cork e/s to fill

-Blunt blush
-Drizzle Gold loose beauty powder
-a few sprinkles of Antiqued Gold reflect glitter

- concealer to prime
-a bit of saddle in the crease
-Antiqued Gold reflects glitter piled on hoping for ultra shimmer shimmer shimmer!
(the pigment in the glitter provided most of the color)
-a touch of Carbon on the outer corner
-Mystery khol power to line top lid
-Bronze Styli Style liner to line bottom lashline
-Magic Dust e/s for inner corners
-Voluminous mascara
-demi wispy lashes

-Oh Baby lipglass
-a bit of Gel lipstick on top

I was watching BET's 2007 top 100 video countdown and caught Ciara's video "Can't Leave 'em Alone." Is it a far stretch to say that her look reminded me of mine? lol Beautiful anyways...

How did you all celebrate New Years? Let me know.. I have to live vicariously through you all sometimes =)


karen, makeupandbeautyblog.com said...

Hi Kia!

Now why is Ciara rocking your look in that video?!?!

This New Year's was pretty chill. I worked (sigh) and then went to dinner (had Thai food) with my hubby. We were going to go out afterwards but ended up just chilling at home. We haven't had a mellow NYE's in while so it was nice.

I hope you had a good one! Happy New Year!

ilea said...

OMG Yummster Ciara totally jacked your look! Your look was fabulous per usual... I went over to a friends and had a number of jello shots; turns out peach & watermelon are my fave flavor andwent to bed after that! I sure hope babyumm is okay, kiss him for me pleeeaasseee!!! Anyway I hope your new year is as hot as you are hun and look forward to more post!

Mrs. Lynne said...

Hi love. Sorry to hear that your handsome was not feeling good. My oldest had the stomach bug the past couple of days so I had to monitor the fever and things coming out of both ends. But miraculously playing with fireworks makes the symptoms go away, lol.

I love the look you did. Looks so amazingly gorgeous!!

Anyhow, Happy New Years again mama :) Hope the little gets well soon.

Coffee said...


Your Look is FAB! I brung in 2008 nice and tipsy...LOL...I put on my a hot LBD, Sky High Heels, My Best Smokey Eye and had a BLAST!

slvrlips said...

Happy New Year's Kia,
I ushered in the new year soaking in a relaxing bubble bath. Very boring!!

You look stunning in your pictures
Very Pretty
Is babyyum feeling better yet?

MakeupByRenRen said...

Hey hon! Happy 08! I love that look on you...sultry...better than Ciara's! And you have your own twist with a lipcolor of your choosing.

My New Years was fab...a big group of 20 of us went to a hotel package/party, we had open bar, different ballrooms had parties and we crashed in our hotel rooms after...wish you were there! check out my blog for new years pics :)

hope you honey is feeling better :)

KeShaJo said...

Girl your makeup looks good! And I thought my eyes were looking good this past weekend!

BabyDoll said...


Sorry to hear about Baby Yum. Hope he's feeling better! My fiance and I went out to a club...it was okay...typical. We had fun together though.

Love your look girl and the lashes are awesome!!!

BabyDoll said...

BTW, I came across the best thing ever on Youtube that I wanted to share with my fellow make up lovers. I am ADDICTED now!!! Here's the link...tell me what you think ;o)


Apple Diva said...

Have a super duper new year!! (Leaving a comment takes a PhD) :)

Afrodite said...

My NYE was decent. I spent it with a couple friends, we went to a club and thankfullhy there was no ruckus poppin' off!

Your makeup looks beautiful! I love the sparkly lids.

The Fashionista said...

Hey Girl,

Happy New Year!! Your make-up looks fabulous.

Vanessa said...

happy new year! gorgeous eyes!

nilla cookie said...

Miss Kia,

I love, LOVE your makeup here! And it DOES look like Ciara's. I love me some Ciara and that video with 50 is hot hot!

Hope you had a good new year and that BabyYum is feeling better.

My NYE was pretty low key too. We decided not to go to that rooftop party in LA and opted to be old folks and stayed home drinking and playing poker with the family :)

yummy411 said...

@ karen: hey karen! happy new year! I'm getting to a point where spending time with the s.o. on new years sounds like a better plan. glad your holiday was semi-relaxing =)

@ ilea: oooh peach and watermelon! i'll def have to try that combo. i'll be sure to give my babyyum a kiss for you ;)

@ mrs. lynne: next time i'll try fireworks for the baby LOL. hope your baby is completely well =) thanks! happy new year to you too!

@ coffe: thank you! glad you had a blast in your freak'um dress LOL!

@ slvrlips: happy new year miss lady! oooh a relaxing bubble bath.. what did you use? babyyum is on the mend!

@ makeupbyrenren: thank you!! i saw your recap of your new years!! fab and beautiful! thank you for thinking of my baby!

@ keshajo: thank you!!! i know you looked fierce fashionista... eye makeup and all!

@ baby doll: happy new year to you too! thanks for thinking of the baby! aww that's what counts, letting the good time rolls with the significant other. thank you!!! i can't wait to see this video!

@ apple diva: happy new year to you too!

@ thank you! glad you had a great new year's celebration!

@ the fashionista: thank you! happy new years to you too!

@ vanessa: thank you! happy new year!!

@ nilla cookie: thank you! babyyum is on the mend. that's not old folks activity.. that's fun! really i wanted to play rock band on playstation 3 for new years but couldn't LOL!

Anonymous said...

I'm so late.. but you know you rock! love the look...

The Home Spa Goddess said...

Happy New Year to you to!

SolShine7 said...

I like your eyelashes in that last picture. Very nice. I wish I took enough care to get mine like that.

Hilary Duff's smokey eyes are my favorite. I'd like to rock that style one day.

Cool blog!


Carissa said...

Love this look!

yummy411 said...

@ trecia: thank you! ;)

@ home spa goddess: happy new year! i'm getting more and more into bath and body products. so here's a new year with new discoveries on your blog =)

@ solshine7: thank you so much! i like H. Duff's looks as well. she's stunning.

@ carissa: thank you!

MaCherieCoco said...

Ultra late but love the look! I'm glad you used Antiqued Gold on your eyes with no ill affects. I bought it specifically for my eyes and I read the warning not to! Oh well I'll be breaking the rules.

yummy411 said...

macheriecoco, thank you! i bought it specifically for my eyes as well. no ill affects. i just dipped my brush in the glitter then sprayed with fix+. i hope i didn't dull the bling effect. i even took extra with my finger and dabbed it on trying to bling it out LOL... i can't wait to see your look with it.