Thursday, January 03, 2008

Yummy411: Sam Fine

The master face painter, beater, artist whatever you want call him, Sam Fine, has an oh so fine blog!! I'm so excited about updates! He updates monthly about most of his highlight projects that he's done during the month.

His latest update recaps his master classes at MAC in Chicago and Harlem(Check out Scandalous Beauty's interview with him when she attended the Harlem class!), kudos from his celeb clients, star clients that he worked on and much more! My favorite parts: contouring with Mo'Nique and makeup for a bride that he did!!!!! Since MAC's shape and sculpt collection, there has been a craze over the masses about the art of contouring. He helps our eye for contouring by showing us how he countoured Mo'Nique's face. Keep in mind that he mentions that Mo'Nique is contoured for the stage, so that people in the nose bleed section will be able to see gorgeous makeup. The lucky bride to have her makeup done by Sam Fine is gorgeous! Sam does his signature brows on her (I can tell them anywhere!), contours her up a bit, subtly and overall does what he does best: makes a woman of color exude beauty and elegance.

Here are some makeup do's that I'm glad to see on Sam's blog!

-MAC's full coverage foundation/cream foundation then bronzer. (I've heard many people talk about how this is their fav foundation by MAC for photoshoots. I think a lot of time for women of color, if a loose/setting powder, etc. seems to chalky/not the right color, a matte bronzer should work.)

-Black Opal foundation (I did a photoshoot without knowing the model's skintone or even much about foundation. I used Black Opal by chance and it worked like a charm! I do not recommend for daily/frequent use.)

-Why isn't Iman Cosmetics looking for artists in Washington, DC?? I would so be there!

Check out his blog!


Mrs. Lynne said...

Thanks for sharing this girl. Can't wait to peruse through his site! Yay!

Babydoll said...

How Yummy!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! I am definitely interested in the Bride make-over...I'll be heading that way real soon and would love some tips!

And it's funny that Iman doesn't need anyone in DC, but she does in Portsmouth VA?!? LMAO! I am very tempted...but by no means am I a professional!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I love Sam Fine!! I remember my sister purchased one of his books and his makeup makeovers were amazing!!!

Yannize said...

hey boo! yea i love sam fine as well! he does some amazing things with some makeup and some brushes!

✞ANGELA✞ said...

cool place. thx 4 sharing.

Divine Blackness said...

This man is amaaaazing!

MakeupByRenRen said...

oh wow i'm all about this...most of my friends I do are women of color and I gotta learn learn learn...I had perused his web site before but not his blog, thanks for the 411 yummy!

karen, said...

thanks for the heads up, kia! I can't wait to check it out.

Have a good weekend!

The Home Spa Goddess said...

Is that why the contouring looked so awful up close? What about the people in the first row? I was so shocked to see her face in that pic.

applediva said...

He does great work!!! Would love to see Monique as a face of MAC!!

Elle said...

Love him! Thanks so much for sharing that... And you're right the contouring he did on Monique was amazing!

yummy411 said...

@ mrs. lynne: hi! yes soak up the greatness lol he blog is pretty new, but lots of goodies.

@ baby doll: check it out! you never know what's in store... maybe some training? i'd love to see what employment with her company is like.. *sad that portsmouth is too far to consider* =/

@ brown girl gumbo: his books are amazing *still sitting in my amazon cart to build my makeup library* =/

@ yannize: yes! i agree 100%

@ angela: thanks!!

@ divine blackness: i think so too ;)

@ renren: glad i could put you in the know hahaha! i love to see your makeovers!

@ karen: no prob bob LOL..

@ the HSG: yeh it's stark contrast up close, but i think MoNique pulled it off for everyone..

@ apple diva: yes! good idea!

@ elle: no problem! i love him too!

i look forward to updates from Sam!!