Saturday, December 01, 2007

Yummy411: Yummy Does Brows.. Again

.. except this time, they were not mine.

I got a call from my cousin the other night and she asked questions like... how long will you be up? what are you doing? etc. before she got to the real question.. Can you do my eyebrows? Hey sure... always up for a challenge! I learned how to do them with a razor, but I've only touched up on myself with a single edge blad razor and tweezers... ok, myself and my sister Jess once. To do my cousin's virgin eyebrows, I used the eyebrow shaper (with plastic handle, 3 in a pack) with moisturizer to smooth things as we go. I lifted her brow to find her natural arch and used that as a guide. I didn't go in as if I was a professional and give her the precise and bold arched eyebrow, or one that need to be filled in, like mine *sad face*) Besides, my cousin doesn't really do the high maintenance look. So I tried to give her brows the natural, but polished and groom brow, preserving her natural. she has extremely thick hair *thumbs up!*


I'm pleased, but I wanted to make a few more adjustments. My cousin on the other hand was pleased and ready to go LOL. My main peeve was that I wanted to round out her sharp peak on her left (our right.)

I feel a bit bad , but my little sister even got in on the action. Her skin was so soft, but those brows were so tempting. I wasn't doing much anyway. Besides, when my older sister turned 16, she subjected myself and my sister Jess to her experiments. She lined us up and arched away-- with a razor blade at that! I didn't know a thing about arched eyebrows, so I was sad thinking I looked like a surprised clown. I was trying to wait for my little sister to turn 14, but I wanted to try and so did she. Grrreat!

See! No real harm done right? LOL

Here is my request for white liner and concealed under eye circles. I know how I do things, but I wanted to see another's professional work. This was done using MAC's Fascinating eye liner, Elizabeth Arden liquid foundation and Ben Nye powder.

Eek! Don't look too hard. Scary, I know. But I've shown images of the naked brow before lol. Eh and uh, the naked face LOL

How's your weekend? Anything new in beauty?


karen, said...

Hi Kia!

Great job on your cousin's brows. And your lil' sis is super cute.

I was wondering, what Elizabeth Arden foundation do you use? I'm currently shopping around for a new one because I think my Laura Mercier Oil-Free foundation is breaking me out.

Trecia said...

You know interesting post.. I remember when i turned 13 and my mom allow it to be done lol.. my mom her self has that "skill" where she uses a razor (then) Right now my brows a MESS... I'm not really worried after all its winter and i'm trying to give my face a different look by growing it out; Is there something i should do while doing this?

slvrlips said...

You did an excellent job on cousin, and your sisted very age appropriate.

Divine Blackness said...

Ohhh Yums, if that little sis of yours isn't a spittin' image of YOU! I bet you get that a lot. I have 3 younger sisters and 2 of them are blessed to look like me so I hear it a lot too. LOL! I think you did a fab job! Maaaan, your cousin's brows are gorgeous. So much to work with. I'm jealous. And yes, I love how they are very natural on both of them. Fab job!

Hope your weekend was swell. I mean, it effing Monday again already? Lord help us all!

Sassy said...

Your sister's so cute. fab job on the eyebrows. i'm getting mine done tonight............. it hurts............. thnx for stopping by my blog :-)

Baby Doll said...

Great job with the brows! They look great and your sister's are very age appropriate. She's so cute! I remember when I first started doing my brows...I learned from mom who also always uses a single edge blade...I was 14 and too afraid so I used my dad's clippers! LMAO Scary right! Well 13 years later, I use tweezers mainly and sometimes the razor blade. I have always been the brow expert among friends and was the go to person in college (don't let that clippers story scare you off). That was my side hustle! I am a brow fanatic and that is one of the first things I notice about a person. If you check out Nneka's myspace anytime soon I am her customer of the week. You may be able tell what my brows are like from that shot and tell me what you think! LOL


Girl you get an A+ in Eyebrow 101! Your sister looks so cute. It is amazing how brows really highlight a face.

Afrodite said...

I have the same dark undereye circles and I went to the MAC counter this weekend to try and find some undereye concealer.

They had me looking like a goddamn drag queen! I'llkeep my undereye circles. it gives me character. it says: "Yeah, I've only had three hours of sleep?!? And what?!?

Yannize said...

if you should try threading...i love the 40s siren look it gives your brows


yummy411 said...

@ karen: thanks! i think the foundation we used was the liquid flawless finish foundation. I liked it when I used it, but I can't give you a full on recommendation because the finishing powder i used over it boosted the foundation. i'm sure a sample from the counter should help =)

@ trecia: hey trecia! the most that i do during the grow out phase, is to tweeze those hairs growing way outside of my desired shape, but not close to the arch or areas that are filling in. a little concealer can cover up some of the small fine hairs. good luck!

@ slvrlips: thanks! =)

@ divineblackness: hey b! thank you =) it's okay that it's monday, gives us a chance to do the weekend all over again!

@ sassy: thanks! i shall return =)

@ baby doll: hey! i saw you on nneka's page! nice to 'meet' you. representing VA! lol. great brows fashionista, looking super cute with your custom made nneka bag!

@ shawnta: thank you soo much!! LOL

@ afrodite: LOL! i know what you mean! I don't think i felt too happy about that job on my under eye circles, but i also think my whole face wasn't done. i hear that bobbi brown's concealer is the truth. when i try it, i'll be sure to report!

yummy411 said...

hey ya ya!! i like threading too, but that service isn't widely available around here. i would love to take a class on it to try on myself. i'll look that up one day-- cut out the middle man!

Mrs. Lynne said...

Great job on the brows. I actually like it when men have their brows cleaned up. I used to do Hubbo's but he cries too much. Literally, lol.