Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yummy411: Holiday Party Crashers- Part 1

Oh the holiday spirit should be slapping you all across the head now: gift lists, planning, light up nights, stores staying open late for holiday shopping, egg nog and gingerbread lattes... ahhh, but don't forget about all the parties you can crash!! I like being a holiday party crasher. My spirit is a little low this year, but I'm sure once I suit up in a hot dress, I'll bounce back. I've been seeing items around that are just too fab for words, but finding them on the internet is harsh! So with the help of Polyvore, I found some samples of what a stunning holiday party crasher would wear:

A-C: Your traditional metallic party dresses. Knock 'em dead with the dress alone. Oh 'C' is fab with pockets!
D: A cute, sassy number that you dress up with your glam accessories; small earrings, a huge cocktail ring and a clutch.
E: For the chic conservative in all of us, but with detail and the bow, you'll definitely shine!
F: Sexy vixen going to a holiday ball.
G: Reminiscent of Big Bird's blue cousin, this can be fun and stylish. You would definitely have to own this look and wear it like you mean it.
H: Something exclusively for us big girls... meow!
I,K,L: For the more bohemia chic, who doesn't do the traditional route, but chooses something simple and comfy. She owns her outfit by snazzing up her hair, accessories, makeup and more than likely hot mama boots.
J: Since style 'E' doesn't cross over well from office to evening holiday social for the business conservative diva, she simply lets her subtle details and accessories work the outfit. Possible glitter black cardigan and a skinny, patent red belt?
(To see details on where to buy, click on the image to visit my Polyvore set with more information!)

**Remember that makeup can be an accessory too. Don't let your makeup clash with your outfit and other hot items like bangles and rings.

What are you knocking them dead in at this year's hottest holiday party?


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

polyvour sounds like something nasa astronauts wear

nilla cookie said...

They're all so cute, it's hard to choose! I'm a minimalist when it comes to fashion and even makeup (no loud colors for me!) so I think I'd probably go with maybe D, I (in a different color), and J is my fave of the bunch!

What are your picks?

Also, G looks like the dress that someone wore to the Emmys. Darn.. I can't put my finger on it! :(

Erika-Nicole said...

cute cute cute definitely selection I

Kuuipo1207 said...

Oooo...I LOVE A, B, D, and F. Hot damn!! :D

browngirlgumbo said...

love the silver dress!!

yummy411 said...

@ TS: lol.. yes a future forward name =) thanks for dropping by!

@ nilla cookie: hey nilla! i actually like them all because really, a bit of me loves A, but would def wanna rock C or D. H is probably the only dress made to fit me, but because I usually don't go for super structured items, I,K or L would suit me. J is a fab dress though! LOL

@ erika- nicole: thank you! I love the sleeves on I.

@ kuuipo 1207: wow you have varied taste! i love them all =)

@ bgg: yes a fab dress!

Laura Pauwels said...

Some of those party dresses are still in...sign these can be used at any time era! Good choice girl.