Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Yummy411: What's your formula for flawless skin?

I'm posing this question to you all because I'm becoming a foundation whore. I know the truth behind beautiful skin is skincare, but we can fake it or enhance. I'm discovering some new things about foundation that I didn't know before, hoping to get the right formulas for achieving flawless skin on anyone.

My latest experience has been with my sister. I did her face for practice. I completed her eyes, moving on to her foundation, when I felt I screwed up the look by using the wrong color foundation. I used a compact of my beloved CoverGirl Queen Collection Natural Hue foundation. The color was off a bit. I tried to warm the foundation some before using it on her, then waiting a few to see if it would warm to her skin. Okay, I didn't wait too long and things weren't moving as fast. (This has to be the only benefit of doing foundation first, being able to see how the foundation warms to the skin.) The foundation seemed too yellow for my sister, who seems to have red undertones?? I tried an Iman oil blotting powder which appeared to have more red in it over the foundation and oila! Home girl's face was flawless! I saw even, rich skin! Yay me! LOL. I'll be doing her face again soon, so I'll get pics up next time.

For me and my combination MAC-NC 37 (medium-medium dark) skin, I use the CG Queen Collection Natural Hue Foundation (Rich Sand) with MAC's Mineralized Skin Finish Natural (Medium Dark) buffed over it, being sure to moisturize first. I like this combo for this time of year. I was pretty confident on my own with these products on my skin, but I got definite affirmation when a guy told me I looked 'so beautiful' after he helped me, but before leaving his store. This wasn't just a guy, it was a trendy, fabulous, gay guy-- total compliment!!

Foundations that I have to explore more or try:
Makeup Forever
MAC's creme and stick foundations
Face Atelier

So what's your skin type, color and skincare routine or foundation that gives you flawless skin? Please share!!!


KreativeMix said...

water, water, more water.... i have really dry skin........ i use lots of moisturizers and spf 30 every day. i'm sure i haven't answered your question........but........ :-)

Temptalia said...

Studio Fix Fluid or Face & Body applied with a spritzed (with water) 182 brush and buffed in.

Divine Blackness said...

I'm like all over your blog entries today. I've been goin' from one to the other. Can you say Yum's Blog Whore? Dayum!

I used to adore MAC's Studio Tech (and I still do) but now I'm settling for just Mineralized Skin Finish (Deep Dark). And that's it. For the past few days I've been going foundation less. I do this from time to time to let my skin breathe and try to get used to seeing myself in my natural state. Some people freak out when they see the person in the mirror without make-up. Never want to be this way. Even with the LA-induced pimples.

I've always wanted to try MAC's Stick foundations and DermaBlend too. I'm rambling, but check it....

For a quick pretty decent coverage look---pull out your foundation primer and buff your MSF on. I find that MSF alone does pretty good. After sprayed with Fix +, of course. I don't wear concealer but I wonder how it works over that? Hmmm....give it a try!

Coffee said...


For like the past YEAR I've been using Bobbi Brown's Concealor in Almond. I use it under the eyes (LOVE IT) and over blemishes (don't love it so much for this purpose). Then,if I have time,I use BB's Moisture Rich Liquid Foundation in Almond. I like the end result but I rarely use it because it's time consuming and I have next to NO time. So I usually wear MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC 43...some days I LOVE it, some days it looks weird! So, I too am on a quest for the flawless face!


P.S I also recently broke down and purchased Smashbox Primer(yeah, I know I'm late on the bandwagon!)....LOVE IT!

Baby Doll said...

I just use a little studio fix (NC 45) and that's about it. I have really oily skin so don't moisturize (although I've been told that I need to anyway). I also use a little concealer under the eye sometimes. I am still looking for a more polished finish so I may check out the Mineralized Skin Finish in Medium...

Afrodite said...

I refuuuuuuuse to use foundation or concealer. Mostly because I'm kind of scared it may 'eff my skin up. Then again, never say what you won't do but I digress...

For the most part, i have pretty even combination skin. Just oily in the t-zone. I wash twice a day with Clean & Clear Foaming Facewash for Sensitive Skin. In the mornings after i wash, I moisturize with Olay moisturizer. i can't recall the exact one but it has spf 30 and it makes my skin glow! After I wash at night, I just follow up with these Neutrogena makeup removing towelettes but I think they're causing me to break out. Eeek! So I may have to switch to baby wipes per your recommendation.

The only thing I actually put on my skin/face is MAC Sheer/Pressed Powder in NC 55 but I use a veeeery light hand.

Oh and water! Looots of water....

Yannize said...

alright boo...u asked...
Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv moisturizer
MAC Studio Fix NC 45
when I want a really matte look, NC 45 pressed powder, also by MAC.
Oh! And the face wash, either St. Ives Apricot scrub or Oshun face exfoliant by chicafrique

And thats how ya girl stays a hot one!


I♥M·A·C said...

I'm a total M.A.C Foundation girl.

I use M.A.C Hyper Real Foundation
then, M.A.C Studio Fix Concealer in NC20 and NW20 (over my dark circles, pimples that pop up...grrr), then I buff M.A.C Mineralize Skinfinish Natural all over. Flawless gorgeous skin!!!!<3<3<3

Mrs. Lynne said...

I am still on that foundation hunt. I started with the Studio Cream Stick (is that what it's called?) and it's nice coverage when buffed. A bit heavy, but definitely a camera friendly foundation - it absorbs the light. Some use a 190 for it but I'm not fond of piling it on.

Lately I've just been using my Select Sheer or MSF over my moisturizer. My SFF is vacationing in my cabinet, lol. I hardly go out unless its for groceries so I just need enough to control some shine.

It's very interesting what works for others. Good post.

yummy411 said...

@ kreativemix: thank for chiming in! you def answered my question. if water and moisturizer works for you for great skin.. then that's exactly what I was asking =)

@ temptalia: ooh nice! i love your skin in your fotds. i'll def have to try those products. I've been meaning to try face and body.

@ divine blackness: girl, you are so silly! i always appreciate you visiting the blog and commenting... i know i'm a clumps of mascara blog whore!

that's exactly what i used to wear: primer, concealer and msf natural powder buffed on.... but it's becoming that that combo isn't enough for the new foundation whore =s thanks for chiming in!

@ coffee: hey coffee! i can't wait to delve into some bobby brown. my closest BB has some uninviting MA's. why even approach them passing up the cheaper MAC? i will one day though =) glad you are loving your smashbox!

@ baby doll: so how do you feel about your studio fix powder? what is your idea of a more polished finish? just curious.... i used to like just my msf powder (super sheer compared to the studio fix powder) but now the foundation i use etc., a complete coverage is becoming more of my idea of a completed polished look, which can def be achieved other ways.. but just giving you an example... btw, i used to think a full coverage foundation was gross LOL...

@ afrodite: if you get babywipes, try ones for sensitive skin. good luck!

@ ya ya: stay a hot girl! thanks for chiming in. i've gotta try some of this studio fix that everyone uses... liquid or powder?

@ I♥M·A·C: are you a nw or nc in the hyperreal foundation? i saw an MA at MAC with the hyperreal on in an NW shade... it has pink pearl in it! it showed up super well on her (which i don't think happens with many people) but it was interesting. i loved it!

@ mrs. lynne: i think foundations that are camera friendly is what makes me like them... if i can get a good balance of natural skin and great skin on film.. i will have found my dream foundation!

i like seeing what works for others as well. thanks!


Girl you know you've done it when the fab gay guy gives you a compliment!
I have been just using smashbox primer, concealing where necessary with studio finish concealer and then putting on regular translucent powder or a cover girl true something or other powder in medium.

Zoë said...

im really curious about that dior skinflash radiance pen...

i wonder if they have them in shades that would compliment a deeper skin tone??

I♥M·A·C said...

Hey Yummy,
Im an NC200, but to cover my redness, i use an NW concealer, but i do have yellow undertones which makes me an NC200, even NC200 gives me a pearl like finish, and i buff lightscapade over to make my skin look pearly and dewy I love Hyper Real, I hate SFF

christianadivine said...

Hi Yummy,

For my skin, I moisturize with water, camellia oil, and an Honey HA serum. I wait 20 minutes then apply one layer of mineral foundation (I find that I prefer using Buffd's mineral foundation lately.) after that I apply everyday minerals "sunlight" concealer on my under eye circles/bags, and nyx concealer pot concealer in "beige" on my blemishes. After that, I'll usually apply 1-2 more layers of mineral foundation. I also apply some foundation under my eyes with a baby buki, so that it matches my skin. everyday mineral's sunlight concealer is color corrector so it's a bright yellow. :D this was fun... hehe.


yummy411 said...

@ <3 shawnta: yes i knew i was looking good that day! LOL

@ zoe: i don't know. i doubt it about the dior skin flash, but it wouldn't hurt to take a look. i'll look into it and see what they offer.

@ I♥M·A·C: so why do you hate SFF so??? just curious as to your experience.

@ christianadivine: i'm glad this is fun! thanks for sharing!

@ EVERYONE: thank you so much for your responses. i like to see what works for different people. hopefully, we've shared products that might interest someone else, or help someone else. i know this info helped me! now i have to products to try!! - Kia