Sunday, December 10, 2006

Cover Fx

Ladies, ladies, maybe boyfriends of ladies (a stretch, huh?) and whomever, wherever- this my friend, CoverFx, is my new found foundation!
While roaming the makeup counters, I saw a sales lady with gorgeous, even, moistened, dark skin. I couldn't resist asking her what she uses for her flawless, glowingly, natural skin. She took me over to her discreet and hidden Nordstrom counter, to reveal to me the world of CoverFx!

Here are some quick facts about CoverFx:
-The CoverFx team is comprised of some of the same chemists that worked to develop MAC makeup.
-This company was founded to help people with sensitive skin and different skin disorders to camouflage problems and to 'normalize' their skin.
-"Cover FX foundation formulations are able to withstand the challenges of professional use like heat from lighting, colour shifting for film or photography use. Thanks to high pigment load and Dermafix technology, colours stay true and foundation lasts all day."
-"The COVER FX line consists of cream, water-based liquid and powder foundations, as well as setting powders, iridescent bronzers, a lip treatment and professional-quality application tools."
-"COVER FX colour cosmeceuticals can be used safely by men and women; with any skin type or colour; and are the first choice for people with sensitive and intolerant skin. COVER FX products are formulated to include dermatologist approved ingredients and UV protection. "

Before and after of acne, problematic skin using CoverFx's help!

The MA (hey Lashonda!) used the Natural Fx Water Based Foundation on my face. She first used the CleanFx on my face to remove dirt, residue, etc. (No water needed!) She then used the SkinPrep Fx to prime my face for the foundation. The Natural Fx glided on with a very minimal amount. She explained that very littled was needed, but as she was harldy putting the foundation on the brush, I thought she was exaggerating. She wasn't! She finished the look by using some of the Bronzed Fx and the natural sheer Lip Fx in Choral Chablis that comes in a cute little pot. I was delighted! I inquired about a concealer for my dark under eye circles and was told that the highly pigmented formulas for the foundation can be built upon under the eyes for the concealer coverage that I'm used to using.

3 Things That Have Me Sold on CoverFx:
1. Anything that looks fabulous on dark, AFrican American skin will work fine for me. (Enough super blendable shades for everyone!).
2. They have the brilliance of M.A.C. makeup chemists.
3. Their products are good for your skin.

Oh! and one more: Fabulous skin (canvas) makes any makeup look better!

Nordstrom really needs to upgrade CoverFx's station in Pentagon City.
Check your local Nordstrom to see if you have a CoverFx station near you.
Check out their website for more information here!

*Things in quotes are direct from CoverFx.


samida said...

OOHHH! I gotta try it, but I've never heard of it. Still, gonna try it!

yummy411 said...

You'll be happy you did!