Thursday, December 13, 2007

Yummy411: MAC Foundation Discussion

When I have burning MAC questions and I haven't gotten them answered by my friends or at a counter, I chat with a MAC rep on the MAC chat. This time, I asked about foundations. Here's the transcript of our convo:

Chat Transcript

info: Happy Holidays from MAC Cosmetics Online. One of our Artists will be with you shortly.

info: Hello. Thank you for your interest in MAC Cosmetics. My name is Barbara. How may I assist you?

kia: hi barbara.. i am writing in today because i'm interested in finding more good foundation

kia: can you tell me the difference between satinfinish mineralized foundation and the hyperreal foundation?

Barbara: Hi Kia. We've got some great ones at MAC. I'm glad to help.

Barbara: Sure!

Barbara: MAC Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15 Foundation liquid formula blends the light-reflecting properties of micro-minerals with a smooth, natural-satin finish. It provides medium-sheer buildable coverage with a subtle luminosity.

Barbara: MAC Hyper Real Foundation SPF 15 illuminates the skin creating a healthy-looking glow with a satin finish. You will notice a beautiful iridescent pearl to the skin. The silicone-based formula provides medium-sheer, buildable coverage.

Barbara: Click here for the MAC Foundation page.

kia: they don't sound different to me.. they sound like the same thing

Barbara: The Hyper Real Foundation has a noticeable pearl to it so there is an iridescent, satin finish to the skin. It's a much more "radiant" formula than Mineralize Satinfinish.

kia: oh ok... and how does the silicone based formula work differently with the skin than the satinfinish foundation?

Barbara: Silicone is very smooth so Hyper Real glides on the skin and will help to give you an even texture.

kia: so hyper real is better at evening out texture where as the satin finish mimicks your real skin?

Barbara: That's a great analogy. Yes!

Barbara: Also, don't forget that there is a pearl to Hyper Real. Think skin like Jennifer Lopez who always has that glow.

kia: so where does the studio fix fluid and tinted moisturizer (don't know the exact name) line up with the other two?

kia: side note: oh i love iridescent skin.. that's why i'm considering buying the hyperreal. i actually love the pink in nw, but i've been matched with nc400 i think

Barbara: Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 is a matte finish with more coverage (medium-full). Select Tint SPF 15 is super sheer and with a satiny finish.

kia: when you say satiny do you mean dewy?

Barbara: Yes, satiny as in dewy.

Barbara: If you love iridescent skin, Hyper Real is the best choice.

kia: i love iridescence, but what i usually do is matte my skin out and add iridescent powders on top.. i'm hoping that the iridescence in the foundation won't enhance a sweaty look... =(

Barbara: It won't make you look sweaty. If you have an opportunity to try Hyper Real, I highly recommend it.

kia: for combination skin (oily t zone) how do you suggest using it?

Barbara: You can apply it with a brush like the #190 in downward strokes. Then through your t-zone, pat Blot Powder/Pressed to take care of any shine. You can touch up with Blot Powder/Pressed through the day too.

Barbara: Click here for the MAC Powder page.

kia: what's the difference between studio fix powder and studio fix fluid? what's the advantages of one over the other?

Barbara: Think of Studio Fix Fluid as a liquid version of Studio Fix Powder. They give the same coverage and both a matte finish (although Studio Fix Powder is more matte). It really comes down to personal preference in terms of advantages. Some like a powder and others like a liquid.

kia: while over at the powders page.. what's the difference between a loose/pressed powder and a blot powder?

Barbara: Loose powder is a little more sheer however, it's barely noticeable. They perform the same function (setting foundation and reducing shine). If you like to carry your powder, the pressed format is convenient to put in your bag and less messy.

kia: hmmmm so there's not much diff between a blot powder and pressed... why are there two?! lol just to confuse us? do you prefer one over the other?

Barbara: Sorry, are you referring to the two formulas of Blot Powder (pressed vs. loose) or Blot Powder vs. Select Sheer Loose Powder?

kia: the latter

Barbara: My apologies, I misread your question.

kia: oh no prob =)

Barbara: The Select Sheer Loose Powder gives more coverage. It's great for setting foundation or for a touch up or two but any more than that it will start to build up on the skin. You don't get that from Blot Powder (the build up that is).

Barbara: On combination/t-zone skin, Blot Powder is my suggestion.

kia: cool.. so do they still serve the same function? and i won't get build up with blot powder?

Barbara: Yes, they serve the same function. Blot Powder will absorb more oil however and it won't build up with repeated use.

kia: great! will the blot powder take away from the iridescence in the foundation?

Barbara: No it's very sheer so it won't.

kia: how would you prep skin with an oily t zone before the hyperreal foundation?

Barbara: To prep, use MAC Oil Control Lotion on your combination/oily t-zone skin. It is a lightweight, silky matte moisturizer that provides both shine control and moisture to your skin throughout the day. It's an ideal base for foundation (including Hyper Real).

Barbara: Click here for the MAC Moisturizers page.

kia: great!

kia: i feel prepared now for when i go into the store.. oh last question

kia: how does face and body foundation compare to the other foundations granted we know it's great coverage for not only face, but the body as well?

Barbara: It's on par in terms of coverage with Select Tint SPF 15 Foundation, so more sheer than all of the others. It's a dewy/satin finish and also water resistant if you need that.

Barbara: Have fun at the MAC store Kia! I hope the information I have provided will assist you in your product selections. info: Thank you for chatting with us. If we can be of further assistance, please contact us again.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kia!! I really enjoyed the convo you had with MAC....very informative. That gives us a lot of information, and allows us to make choices without buying, trying, or getting samples of everything before making a decision. I think your readers will need more of these on different products if those product lines offer such services. Thanks babe!! Smooches!

Coffee said...

I love Live Chat!!! It's so much more comfortable than going to the local MAC counter is either too pushy or not helpful at all! I used live chat a few days ago for blush suggestions...she suggested Sweet as Cocoa and I LOVE it!

yummy411 said...

@ antoinette (toni): thanks babe! yeh. i usually mean to post my chats, but i forget a lot of times to blog it LOL. i'm glad you enjoyed!

@ coffee: yes i love live chat too.. though i think i have too many questions sometimes LOL... if you love sweet as cocoa (as i do) try Format blush as well =)

Maddie said...

Hi Yummy! I'm curious what's in The Originals Collection, do you happen to know already?

Baby Doll said...

Thanks for posting this! It was extremely helpful. I definitely want to try Hyper Real now.

Yannize said...

I love live chat,,,thats how u get the real deal holyfield...


Divine Blackness said...

You trip me out, "So they just have that to confuse us?" right though. Glad she cleared some things up. Unfortunately, I have to give up on MAC's foundations, lotions and cleansers because I think that they may be the root of all evil for me. So sad. But damn...Live Chat is like a fo real fo real make-up artist. Can I text these mofos?

Mrs. Lynne said...

Hey mama! I've had the same questions when I go to the counter but always get confused because there are quite a few different formulas. This dialogue is great and you asked excellent questions. Very useful, thanks hun!

KeShaJo said...

Good job girl...'cause you know I've ventured over to convenience store brand makeup b/c I felt like MAC was kinda catering to one kind of skin texture! I loved the info about the Hyper Real look....I'll have to look out for that! You make up ho! : )

slvrlips said...

Hey Yummy,
This dialogue was great! It answered lots of my questions. From reading this I so need to buy some blot powder.
Thanks for this information.

The Fashionista said...

I'm so glad you posted this information, Yummy. I was wondering what the differences were and was online tonight searching for some information. Great post! Thanks!

jen said...

Hey girl, good chat! I'm a (recently) former MAC Artist, and I thought I'd give a bit more of a concise summary for you (if you don't mind).

Hyperreal is meant to be an effect makeup - it isn't very much coverage at all, and is quite luminous (shimmery) - hence the name: Hyperreal (hyper or extra real). It gives almost a Barbie like look. It's not good for people with textured skin (acne, wrinkles, large pores) as the shimmer enhances the texture.

Mineralize Satinfinish is, of course, satiny and mineral-based, and it is more of what you think of when you hear "dewy". This isn't an effect makeup , it's perfectly great everyday makeup or just use it on the days you want to be really dewy. Again, with the shimmer, not great for textured skin. This gives sheer-to-medium coverage - more than Hyperreal.

Face and Body is very sheer, and fairly dewy (some people say it gives that "sweaty" look you were talking about). I love it, but only on "good skin days"! The luminous qualities are about the same as in Mineralize, maybe a bit more shimmery, but not nearly as much as in Hyperreal.

Basically, Hyperreal shimmer is more obvious and the shimmer in Mineralize and Face & Body is a finer particle. And anything with a shimmer at all can make some oily people feel "sweaty" or more oily.It's not really making you oily, but oily folks tend to like to see a very matte finish, not any thing that looks greasy.

Blot Powder is 97% silica and only 3% color, so it looks really pale, doesn't build color or texture, and won't change your makeup once you put it on, even if you have to use it hourly for really oily skin. Blot comes in loose or pressed. Select Sheer pressed or loose will give you a touch of coverage and texture - some people use it instead of foundation, others to set their makeup, others to blot their oily spots. My rule of thumb is if you're using it to set your makeup, get Select Sheer, if you're using it to blot oil ("powder your nose") get Blot. Blot is AMAZING.

Studio Fix Foundation is very heavy coverage compared to what we've been discussing, and matte (no shininess). It can look powdery, too. Studio Fix Fluid is matte, too, but of course not powdery looking. She's correct: it's a finish and application preference that really should guide your choice, here.

*jen @

Anonymous said...

This is great...

Make-up Junkie in Canada said...

this was a great post and very informative for those that aren't familiar with all the MAC foundations. Good job!

Miss O. said...

great post!

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Beauty Every Day

Kuuipo1207 said...

Wow! Those were really great questions you asked. I'd been wondering the same thing about the two foundations as I've been wanting to try them both, and now I know. The info about the powders is good to know too! Thanks for sharing this great convo with us! :D

yummy411 said...

@ maddie: I found out from an MA over the weekend, but I didn't take good notes =( I know parrot is coming back out and so oldie-but-goodies! it will be out the day after christmas!

@ jenn: thank you so much for piping in and the extra info!

@ EVERYONE: I'm glad that this post could be so helpful. if any of you try any of the foundations for the first time, please let me know what you think!!


jen said...

Hey! It's me again. I don't mean to hijack your thread, I really don't, but I have info on The Originals ova heah:
sorry, you'll have to copy and paste it into the browser. :(


Anonymous said...



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