Monday, December 10, 2007

Yummy411: CoCoa Chic on Women, Race & Beauty

Since Blogger has been acting up all weekend for me, not letting me upload pics nor completing the process for me to leave comments, I'm forced to do a no pic post today. So I have an FOTD post coming soon =)

Either way, I wanted to share an article that I read over at CoCoa Chic. This article is about a roundtable discussion which took place in response to the media attention and uproar that a junior editor of Glamour mag caused when talking to women at a law firm about what's apropriate and professional for work. One of the no-no's? Natural hair and locs. Glamour has come under fire for the mishap.

The roundtable discussion, called Women, Race & Beauty: A frank conversation about our culture's standards-- and how real women are confronting them in their everyday lives included some highly noted speakers from the beauty biz and scholars alike: celeb makeup artist, Mally Roncal; exec editor of Essence magazine, Vanessa Bush; founder of Carol's Daughter, Lisa Price; and associate professor of sociology at Texas State University, Barbara Trepagnier, PhD to name a few. CoCoa Chic does a great job of summarizing the conference and sharing info that was obtained with us. Check it out here!


Baby Doll said...

Thanks for sharing! That was very interesting to read. I was appalled when I first heard that story about the Glamour Magazine staff member that had the audacity to tell those women that. Really? In 2007? That mentality is craziness! I have natural hair that I get straightened or blown out but that doesn't make me any better than another female that chooses to wear locks or a fro. I think as long as you look neat and professional, it shouldn't matter.

yummy411 said...

I agree baby doll.. however, looking neat and professional is subjective, so there's always going to be some kind of issue =(

Baby Doll said...

Yeah, you're right! Good point, but it's still a shame though.