Monday, December 17, 2007

Yummy411: Engaging Mineralized Eye Shadow & Winter Holiday FOTD

These fotd's are way overdue thanks to Blogger. At this point in time, let's just talk about the eyeshadow as that's all I can remember for the Engaging look.


-lid, Shimmersand shade stick all over lid and through crease; white/pink side of Engaging e/s

-crease, the goldish/bronze side of Engaging

-outer v, Saddle e/s

-top liner, Stubborn Brown power point e/l

-bottom lid, white Wet n Wild e/l, bronze liner in my bottom lash line by Styli Style

-Loreal Voluminous Carbon black on top lashes only

** I think I have on Oh Baby l/g on my lips

This look was supposed to mimic a look done for a fashion show-glitz and glamour winter look- done with the warm pigment Holiday set from MAC with the reflects gold glitter on it... Since we all know that those sets are sold out, we had to go an alternate route.


-brows, Cork e/s

-lid, (in this order) a light colored paint (can't remember the name) all over eye as a wash, Tempting e/s in the crease ever so lightly, metal x shade in Goldspice on lid, and a glitter liner (whitish gold) used on lid for the sparkle. All of these colors didn't match the shimmer of the intended look, so the MA went ahead and used the glitter reflects that I wouldn't be able to purchase until it comes out with The Originals collection day after Christmas. Blacktrack f/l on top lid applied with a flat liner brush. Great results!

-PlushLash mascara. I liked this mascara, lifting and defining, but not as volumizing as I'd like. Not enough coats, maybe?

She wanted to stop the look there... ummm? She thought I'd accept the glitter fallout as my cheek color.. wtf?? Was she being lazy? I have no idea, but I def know the model from the fashion show had more than her eyes done! *angry* Let's try hyperreal foundation? That's on my face... not a big deal. We brushed on some Drizzlegold loose beauty powder...beea-u-ti-ful! Then of course I had to ask for something on my lips... the light lipgloss from Stylistics.. hmm a beige opalesque color... reminiscent of c-thru. (All of this at my request, remember she stopped at the eyes.) Speaking of Stylistics- while I love the compacts, the products in my opinion are a big disappointment. MAC is known for their artistic, bold, makeup art-meets- regular person. These products seem to be made for the average consumer, the one afraid of color. Everything was a sheer wash of glitter. The mystery powders were made for a select few, the perfume smelled familiar and everything else was just a let down, except packaging of course. If you have some pigments/blushes with some reflect gold glitter/shimmery product, you have most of the collection.

Finally, the look.. okay. I got home, touched up the brows and put on concealer. I like this much better. Guaranteed no more sit down makeover thingamajigs unless I know I'm spending the money and have nothing better to do =(


nilla cookie said...

The Holiday Look is really pretty, I love the subtly - it's effortlessly beautiful. But what's up with the lazy MA's lately? First the Smashbox counter, and now this? I hope it's just the crazy holidays and not permanently!

Happy Tuesday!

Vanessa said...

gorgeous and natural! I love it!

Baby Doll said...

Damn, what was up with that MA? You might as well have done it yourself!

The Engaging look is gorgeous!

slvrlips said...

Hey Kia,
I love both looks I so gave up on the mineralized e/s after I brought ether but engaging looks like it might be a product I need to pick up. And it makes me so mad when MA's are being lazy. But you look fabulous!

Divine Blackness said...

I think this looks beautiful on you. Tell me...where can I get Styli Style? I've heard so much about it but don't even know where to get it from.

I agree with your sentiments in regards to The Stylistics. The packaging is beautiful but it's just "Eh". Not to mention it's entirely too expensive. But whatev. Mannnn, you really have me wanting to get Engaging.

yummy411 said...

aaahhh! i hate when i write my comments and they get erased =( okay again.. LOL

@ nilla cookie: thanks! i have no idea what's up with the MA's, but i think i get this way cuz i do the whole sha-bang on myself often =/

@ vanessa: thank you!

@ baby doll: basially! LOL thanks!!

@ slvrlips: i think that all mu junkies and collectors should have at least one mineralized e/s and i guess this is my one (though family silver was hot too.) oh well.. thanks hon!

@ divine blackness: i get my styli style from cvs and rite aid.

here's specktra's thread:

online shopping (and to see their range of cosmetics):


stylistics= let down
Engaging doesn't seem to be as versatile to me. If you don't have it, I wouldn't worry about it.

KeShaJo said...

I love those eyes girl! Watch out Pat McGrath!

MakeupByRenRen said...

Hi ! First time posting on your blog, just wanted to introduce myself. You have gorgeous eyes by the way, you probably get that a lot :)

your story about the MA gives me flashbacks of all the times they jacked me up...i'm getting mine done for NYE at MAC, hopefully they dont make me look like an asian fashion doll like they usuall do, lol.

if you have a chance, please check out my blog I'm new to the game and trying to entice you guys over to my page, lol.

yummy411 said...

@ keshajo: thanks! LOL!!!!

@ makeupbyrenren: thank you and thanks for stopping by! good luck at the MAC counter on NYE!

Anna said...

your eyebrows are gorgous

kia said...

thank you anna!! great blog you have =)