Tuesday, April 17, 2007

confessions of 'me time'


Here's another confession, since I realized my last confession* is totally normal amongst makeup junkies: I'm confessing about my 'me time.' Ah finally! Some me time! How do I spend the quiet moments without BabyYum and the daily stresses of life? I kick back with fruit and raw cookie dough (coconut macaroon) and watch some YouTube makeup tutorials... I don't know if that's a good or bad thing-- ok obviously the macaroons are bad, bad, bad, but what the hell!

I love most of YouTube's makeup tutorials, because they are by real people using products that are accessible to me. The latest videos I've watched are from a user named xsparkage. She's fun, a non-perfectionist and likes spunky makeup! Her dialogue and instructions are easy going and aren't loaded with a bunch of intimidating MUA jargon... she just shows us how to do it!

Miss Xsparkage has introduced me to a few new items that are going on my forever growing 'must have' list:

  • MAC brush #217- pencil brush for lining, and getting in small areas like the inner corner

  • MAC brush #219- a fat rounded shader/blender brush that helps with blending of color and highlighting of the brow. I think my favorite brush* right now is comparable, but I shall compare!

  • I must break down and buy a mixing medium (or make some with glycerin and water) if I want to continue to purchase pigments. It will help the color payoff.

I think the cookie dough is giving me heartburn =p Off to bed!

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applediva said...


First of all, I was not aware that youtube.com has make-up tutorials. Do you have any tutorials uploaded to YouTube? If not, you should!!! I became a M.A.C lover in the late 90s, and I became a full-blown addict in 2005. They tried to make me go rehab, but I said, "no, no, no!!" (See Amy Winehouse) I have the 217 and 224, among others, and I loves them. Please get the 217 pronto!!

yummy411 said...

hey applediva! yes, there are tutorials on youtube. oh no.. am i feeding our terrible addiction here? i did a post on it a while back. no, i don't have any tutorials up. i hate the sound of my voice and i don't have a real camcorder. check out the existing videos though. there are some cool ones!

yummy411 said...

oh apple! we must compare notes on our mac stuff.. i'll email you =)

applediva said...


I was reading on the "Specktra" site about people purchasing paint brushes to apply their make-up. Have you tried that?ei

yummy411 said...

hey i haven't, only because the nearest 'art store' is out of my way. i did however steal a slim brush from my sister's boyfriend who was painting to use as an eyeliner brush, heehe.