Sunday, October 01, 2006

Now why didn't I think of that??


Sooooooo... the new rave in web fascination after is definitely Senseless videos from anyone who has a webcam is definitely junk in cyberspace.. but alas! There is actually good use of youtube other than for a daily laughs......

Did you guess what it was?

Makeup tuturials!!!!!!!!
I ran across some that are noteworthy:
(put the user's name in a search for their vidoes)

  • philleif (celebrity make up artist)- get some inside info on applying blush, concealer, bronzer, removing oil from makeup etc.
  • CityVanity- gives shorts on freshening up your face, trying to make a quick application of makeup after work for that happy hour get-together and more.
  • expertvillage- even shorter shorts on make up. Great for those who like to play it safe with makeup.
  • thechuckt- tricks of the trade
  • anyhthing else you find by searching videos: makeup
  • Amy04


One of my tips that I learned recently is to use those wedge applicators. Fingers are the natural applicators, but using other tools can definitely help in a variety of ways. I used the wedge foam applicator for my cream blush. Yes, a new step for me! Out of the shimmery shine of summer, cream blush is a nice texture against powder and very natural for a great fall look. I used my fingers to apply, but to keep my hands from being tacky of makeup, I used the wedge. The wedge applied the cream blush to the surface of my skin and made a lot go a long way. In comparison, my fingers warmed the product (which can be a good thing) and I naturally wanted to rub the product into my skin, which was being rubbed into the skin of my fingers as well.... losing double amounts of the product!

Angle brushes

  1. small firm angle brush (mac #208)
  2. medium angle brush (mac #269)
  3. medium angle brush (mac #275)

There are basically three types that concern us (there are many others, but there are three main purposes.) From brush #1- a small firm angle brush is used to fill in brows or even create a line for liner (the cream, wet shadow types). Often times, you can find this brush on the opposite end of a lash/brow comb. #2 brush, the medium angle is for lining, shading or shaping the eye. The third brush, #3 is used for shading and blending, a fuller, softer brush. Remember, the softer the brush, the softer it will apply color. These are the differences for us that are graduating from using supplied sponge applicators.


For all of us that love gloss and powerful color, here's something else from MAC for our pretty pouts, lip varnish. I will be asking a MAC Pro exactly what the heck the difference is between lip varnish and lip lacquer (a creamier lipstick with gloss)! Noted colors: cute yet sexy (pinky peach with peach pearl) and softease (cool tan with pink pearl.)


Rihanna is looking quite stunning! The hair, skin, makeup, lashes, dresses....... she is gorgeous! Purple, one of my fav colors now. Great look on the red carpet for the Teen Choice Awards.Dressed up or down, Rihanna looks fab in my yummy purple!Just for extra: Monica is back with her new album The Makings of Me releasing 10/03/2006, getting even more gangsta, showing us how the 'A' does it... is it me or does she look like Mary J. B.'s little sister?

Isn't this a scene straight out of White Chicks? This isn't a good look ladies, Lol... Nicki and Paris on runway.

(Photos: Teen People)

Stay yummy!


AnJaka said...
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Tear said...

I love youtube! you can find everything on there. I am going to check out the makeup tutorials and give you some feedback.

yummy411 said...

Hey Tear,
thanks! let me know what you find useful or interesting!

themakeupgirl said...

Varnish is replacing Laquer. Laquer wil eventually be discontinued. ;-)