Sunday, December 10, 2006

Kimora Beauty

Kimora Lee Simmons is a self made goddess, accentuating her naturally flawless skin and high style. That's why I anticipated trying her makeup.

Check out this article over at about her, the makeup she uses and her fans. I will tell you that I'm quite disappointed that she doesn't use any of her own makeup! Oh, maybe just the lipgloss.


toya said...

Girl, as much as Kimora irks me, the make-up is fabulous! I'm wearing one of the Fabulosity Glossamers today. KLS will be a staple in my make-up wardrobe!

yummy411 said...

toya, you are all-over her makeup, lol. i love it! i'll have to buy a gloss and blush just in your honor =))

samida said...

Her line has great lip glosses, but you could tell that she didn't wear her own make-up. Just like you know Beyonce doesn't just wear L'Oreal!