Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Over the weekend

My cosmetic shopping over the weekend:

I visited the wonderful Sephora with my good friend Tear to check out a few things on my mental list of "gotta try". I had to travel to a special Sephora to get to the Kimora Lee Simmons makeup collection. I mentioned it before, but at that point I hadn't seen it for myself.

My first impression of the makeup is "So Kimora!" We all know that Kimora loves bling and shine. Shimmer, shimmer, and more shimmer and glitter everywhere! The chocolate body shimmer is very small; not quite what I expected. It definitely smells like chocolate, lots of glitter and packs a powerful punch for its small amount. A lot isn't needed. The glosses seem to be standard without trying them on. The shades of shadows are limited, but are bright and just a little more pigmented than a drugstore eye shadow. A sales guy came over to assist us and he commented that the shadows are fun, but that he wasn't a fan of the foundation. I, personally, am interested in them. I wish I had known they were sheer and I definitely would have had a sit down consultation. Overall, I don't think I'm impressed. The packaging: eh; the colors: limited; everything very glittery. This line didn't make me feel like I would be as beautiful as Kimora if I wore it, only that she had to add this beauty component to her Baby Phat empire that she's building. I'll save the purchasing of any item for a holiday party or the summertime.

I'm trying to build a new skin care regimen, so I started by picking up the highly recommended Purity face wash by Philosophy, for an all in one cleanser. I haven't used it yet, but stay tuned for a product review.

I also picked up the infamous Bad Gal Lash mascara by Benefit, as recommended by Yummy reader, Reina (DCSG). I've stayed away from it this long because nothing stood out to me about it, besides being made by one of my favorite brands. I saw that it had a fat brush, which I usually like and a seemingly thick formula. When I tried it, I didn't see much and definitely not the volume I expected. However, I will give this a second round before I trade it in for the Eye Bright pencil.

I did, however, try Rimmel Volumin' Eyes 5x Volume Comb mascara, thanks to a recommendation by my new gal pal, Amal. I figured while I'm on this mascara venture, I might as well try the different types of wands. I've, so far, tried the big fat brush, small plastic brush, wands with one side regular brush and one side short brush. This would be my first comb wand. This gets a fabulous hands down! Quite a buy! For a drugstore cosmetic that I have fairly no knowledge of, it's great. I tried some on another "tester" and I saw a bit of flaking. It didn't flake or smudge on me. My sister uses another type of Rimmel mascara and it seems to melt. I'm unsure of the inconsistant results, but I'm rather pleased.

While out shopping and browsing, I spotted a Libby Lu's that I found out about here on Beauty Hatchery first. I had no idea this store was in my area!

It's the perfect little girl's shop for the little Diva's in training, where they can make customized scented and flavored beauty products. My little sister travels with me to cosmetic and fragrance departments, but here I know she can use her imagination and truly act her age. I'm excited about our first trip planned there. Better yet, I'll need to own my own franchise including a Build-a-Bear.
Now that folks, was my yummy weekend in cosmetics!

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Toya said...

I actually love Kimora's products! I've tried the Blush in St. Barths Peach, the Fabulosity Glossamer in Raspberry Schnapps, Amaretto and Mimosa and the Concealer in Medium Dark and I've been happy with all of them.