Monday, October 23, 2006

Weekend Wrap-up October 20-22, 2006

This weekend, I had a long, awaited date with Sephora. I needed to check out the new holiday gift sets in person. I have been adoring 4+ sets in cyberspace. Out of them all, the Stila Perfectly Kitten set caught my eye as the set to have, but I decided against it.
Cute bag, great all over shimmer, a dazzling pink champagne gloss, a smashing fall shadow for a great price of $42 with a $55 value; but I either own substitutes of these items or can buy from other collections. The lipgloss is a great shade, but you can use a number of different alternatives: MAC's Nymphette lipglass or even Nars' Orgasm gloss.
I am absolutely in love with all over face illuminator and the Kitten set includes a great illuminator that isn't yet sold alone. This fascination set me on another hour long journey in the quest to find all over face illuminators. This time I was searching for less glittery, more pearlescent potions. My all time favorite for an all over glow, bronze is Smashbox's artificial light, but may be out of season. It's fall and I don't want to always appear to be straight from Miami beach. Benefit does a good one, but I was concerned that it may be better suited for fair skin. However, I don't own MAC's strobe cream, which I will treat myself to for the holidays.
My concerns of dark under eye circles lead me to Benefits Lemon-Aid. This is a handy product from the Faking It collection, a formula to lessen redness on the lids. I bought it to use all around my eye, even for my dark circles. It doesn't brighten my circles as much as maybe a concealer, but its smoother and more blendable than other remedies. I also bought the IT concealer pencil. I'm new to using Benefit products... I may have to trade it for their Eye Brightner pencil, which I learned is for the corner of your eyes (Also, this can be achieved with a nice shadow.) Now, I didn't see the Realness of Concealness while I was at Sephora, but I might need to revisit the cosmetic heaven.

I was able to smell Sexy Little Things by Victoria's Secret. The fragrance comes in a box that whistles at it's receiver! I bought the scent in the pocket size with the roller ball applicator. I love their new line of perfume and cosmetics. Great stocking stuffers.
I was caught in the advertising frenzy at Macy's and needed to get away from fruity florals, and amber (oh how it's being abused on the market!) I wanted to go back to some classics and revive my sense of smell. I was lured into purchasing more than too much of Ellen Tracy. My fragrance appetite was held over with the Sexy Little Things scent, but I just may be on to some Baby Doll by YSL. I traded all the Ellen Tracy back in for (drum roll please) MAC's face brush set.......... all of that just for the 187SE brush. The other stuff I already own and don't use as much (gasp!) So beware, that purchase may turn into a full sized 187 brush and my much loved VivaGlam V lipstick. I need the brushes for my eyes, if anything and Sephora sales a comparable set for about $32.

I went to MAC wanting something yummy and being in love with chocolates and plum colors, I found a nice polish called Seadip. It's a gorgeous frosty brown. Not the dark almost-black-vamp brown that I was looking for, but it's a nice color nonetheless. Check your MAC store. It's not on the website.

Lastly, I visited the drugstore. I had been tempted for a long time now to try the new Cover Girl mascara, LashExact. The cute purple tube, and purple bristles had won me over, but it didn't have anything to do with volume. I tried it anyway because I love the purple tube. Besides, Queen Latifah is endorsing it so hey, let's give it a whirl! This cool tube of mascara lived up to it's word; definition and length! The small brush with soft plastic bristles coats your lashes and makes you feel darling! The brush has a small tip so that you can get to your small inner lashes and work on your lower lashes. If you want soft, defined, long lashes I say pick up a tube.. why? Cuz you're worth it! =) Check out their website here on how to get a free tube of LashExact.


themakeupgirl said...

I love love love this mascara! Everyime I wear it, people ask me if I have on false eyelashes!!!!

Marisol said...

MAC Strobe Cream = love!

Ever since I discovered this product, I have been addicted to it. I use it alone or underneath my make-up. It definitely gives my dry skin a glow and it does not look oily by any means. Very little goes a looooooong way.

Cover Girl LashExact is a great mascara. Have you tried Max Factor's Lash Perfection? I think that they were the first drugstore brand to come out with a rubber wand. I switch back and forth with those two.

yummy411 said...

Marisol, I haven't tried the Lash Perfection by Max Factor. I just bought my first tube of their mascara, 2000 calorie. I'm into volume, but I'm up to giving it a try!