Wednesday, October 25, 2006

a little, a lot

Hi all..

So I actually tried the Seadip nail polish from MAC that I bought over the weekend... cool stuff! While it is a frost, two nice coats go on dark and chocolate-y! Sometimes it looks chocolate, sometimes black and sometimes purple. I might be in love. I love multi-dimensional products... what makes MAC famous (not just the lipstick!) Have I found my favorite dark polish of the season? MAC is rebounding from my disappointment with the Holiday collection. I'll post a random pic soon when I get my digi-cam back in order. -posted!


Now, we are all familiar with sticker shock, but check this stuff out for some real sticker shock....

Above is the ELF (eyes lips face) cosmetics. An all over color stick, brightening shadow palette, and a brightener stick are pictured. Each item for just... are you ready?.... $1. Yes, it's true, $1 from Nordstroms. I can't wait to try the products. I'm hoping it won't be a case of, "you get what you pay for." Is it the new Wet 'N Wild? Check for other yummy products at the low price of $1. I'll be sure to let you all know what I think of this stuff when I try it.

Thanks Tear!


Since we are speaking on Nordstroms, I've already mentioned the exclusive Nordstroms cosmetic gift set from MAC, well Nordstrom has other exclusive goodies in other brands. Here's another one from Clinique: Blue Star for Winter 2006. Cool blue shadows and lip tint "Full Potential" for the ice princess in you.


More scents hitting the shelves. Aquolina will release Blue Sugar for men. The Pink Sugar for woman is quite too sweet for my taste, but sales reps say that there are pheramones in the product to make you a man magnet (men are turned on by candy?) Let's see how things fare on the other side of the coin. photo: Beauty and the Blog


Here is the Sephora set that I mentioned before. Less than MAC's mini brush set editions. The Mini Pink Brush set is a purse-sized tri-fold case containing five essential brushes.Set includes a brow brush/lash comb, blush brush, eyeshadow blender, crease brush, and lip brush. $20. The black case set is the Face & Eye Travel Tool Kit. The case is soft microfiber with a magnetic flap closure and has five brushes. The set has a powder/blush brush, eyeshadow blending brush, eyeshadow smudge brush, eyeshadow crease brush, and an angled brow/liner brush. $32 Check out Sephora for more cute brush sets!



Tonyette said...

That nail color looks like something I'd problem I have with nail polish is that I can never find one that stays on long enough! How long would you say that beautiful Seadip stayed on?
Also, have you received the ELF products? If so, do you like them? Would you recommend?

yummy411 said...

Hi tonyette,
I now have the dreaded acrylic (with which of course polish lasts a lot longer.) I tried to stay away from it as long as possible, but my mani's would never last longer than a week or so. The first time i tried MAC polishes, I didn't have acrylic. It didn't stand out to me that the polish didn't last long and I wore a bright coral color (which would have been very noticeable.) I say give it a try! If you do try however, it's not a quick dry polish. So have a quick dry top coat available and some fast drying spray! Good luck!

yummy411 said...

oh btw, i haven't tried the elf products yet, but looking forward to it. i'll review it when i do!