Wednesday, October 18, 2006

MAC's Holiday Collection

MAC's online debut for the holiday items was this week! Check their site for the cutest, most delectable bundles of joy. Brush sets, eyeshadow kits, lip kits and my favorite.. the viva glam collection in an adorable palette and casing (shown in the pic). I was told by numerous sales reps and makeup artists that the brushes can't be beat and that any of the sets are better than opting for the colors. Check out the other yummy items, such as the new brow grooming supplies and the Nocturnelle collection. Also, be prepared to snatch us a special gift set from Nordstroms only!


Marisol said...

Found your blog through

I checked out the Holiday collection and was a bit disappointed by it. What about you?

I am so looking forward to the Couture collection though.

yummy411 said...

Thanks for checking me out here!
I didn't want to admit it to myself, but yes, I was also a bit disappointed... off to your blog!

Marisol said...

I almost got the brush set with the #187 but since I already have two of them, I figured that I could hold off. I use one for my foundation and the other for my blushes (mostly my MSFs).

Hope you don't mind but I will add you to my list of blogs to check out! Always enjoy getting to know other make-up junkies.

yummy411 said...

Of course, Marisol! I want to make my list, but I'm slowly learning to put this stuff together on the blog. Of course you'll be on my list too!