Friday, September 29, 2006

Adventures in cosmetics.....

Discovered a new 'must try' line... TARTE
Heard of it before, but it seemed very reminiscent of Urban Decay, and those other pink, poof poof glittery girl, bonne bell upgrade cosmetics. Even still, I am very skeptical of a lot of cosmetic brands because many aren't created equal. Many don't work on different skin tones or even different types of skin. I've taken a liking to TARTE because although the brand may target a certain audience, there are plenty of products for people with different needs.... here are some of the must try items!

Rest Assured Brightening Wand Brighten up-late-night-before bleary eyes by applying this nude-pink liner in the corners of the eyes, then apply it anywhere on the face you need a little 'well-rested' glow.

Little Blot Book Oil and excess shine are a girl's dirtiest little secret. No one wants to get caught with even the teensiest hint of sheen (or worse, all-out shine). The solution? Hiding the evidence, of course. Little Blot Book gives you two ways to send shine undercover - discreetly.

Cheek Stain This water based, push-up gel stick is perfect for a fresh flush of color - on the go.

Mineral Powder Bronzer This luxe bronze comes pretty close to a sun bunny fresh from the beach or from the East Hamptons: just add pearls and a sweater set for instant uptown chic.

Glam on the Go The mock-croc carrying case for this luxurious brush is chic enough that you may be tempted to touch-up in front of your date.

Available at Sephora stores near you!

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