Thursday, October 26, 2006

KLS cosmetics

Has anyone tried Kimora Lee Simmons cosmetics? Every Sephora I visit, they don't carry this line, nor Tarte. I'm anxiously waiting to try. Will I finally be a Golden Goddess with her makeup? I have the perfume and I'm clicking my heels (futile?)

LIPGLOSS junkies!

This may be an old concept to many of you, but I have yet to try this...... custom made lipgloss! You tell Prescriptives your symptoms (needs and likes) and they'll write the prescription for your perfect gloss... too good to be true huh? I think I'm a golded peach shimmer with a peppermint taste....I'll have to make a date with Prescriptive soon!
I'll also have to try these sheer pencils... sheer pencils? With my new found love for sheer lipsticks, I suppose it's only fitting to have a sheer pencil to go along with it. Anyone have any experience with these? When I try, I shall report of course..


toya said...

I am a lover of KLS Cosmetics. I have several Fabulosity Glossamers, a concealer and a blush. Great products!

yummy411 said...

Hi Toya,
Thanks for stopping by! What products do you recommend?

toya said...

I highly recommend her blushes, highlighting powders and lipglosses (Fabulosity Glossamers) - I have Raspberry Schnapps, Amaretto and Mimosa.

Marisol said...

I have been wanting to find a counter near me that will do the custom lipglosses. Someone I know got the perfect shade of bubble gum pink and she loves it!

Shana said...

Oh my, That sounds absolutely fab! I know they do make an expensive gloss but i've heard nothing but fab reviews!

Thanks for the heads up, i'll check it out.