Sunday, October 29, 2006

All about the eyes

Thank you, thank you! Really, all the applause? I'm grateful (batting my lashes.) I would like to thank the makers over at Cover Girl for LashExact mascara. I received more than a few compliments on my lashes, even a question asking if they were real. After so many tubes of mascara, this one took me to my nirvana-- the false lash look without the glue! I'm truly grateful. I owe it all to you guys! Mua! Thank you! (Applause begins again.)

Ok, maybe this mascara isn't my ultimate favorite, but this has been the only time I was asked if my lashes were real or fake, which to me, is the ultimate compliment! Since, I've already reviewed LashExact's performance, I'll let it stand. I have a younger sister (Kay) with the longest, thickest and most curliest eyelashes I've ever seen. No LashExact needed. (Besides she's too young,lol.) Between my two sisters and I (excluding Kay,) an ultra cool compliment is to say, "Your lashes look like Kay's." I have another sister who has super curly, but short lashes. Yesterday, her "lashes looked like Kay's." She said she achieved the look by using one coat of Rimmel mascara and another coat of my DiorShow mascara. I'm sure it's just the layering of coats, but I'll try it to see if my lashes look like Kay's.

If you don't have the luck to be born with lashes such as those of my sister Kay, or haven't found the right formula to get Kay's lashes.. or the even my great day with compliments after using LashExact, try falsies. I checked out Lipstick, Powder and Paint and found the lashes of a lifetime! I love extravagant false lashes, but these top the charts. Check out her selection of falsies to choose from here! I'm def getting a pair soon. (Now where will I wear them???)

Marilyn Monroe kiss.... toodles!

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