Friday, September 15, 2006


Always on the hunt for cosmetics, I took the time to catch up and experiment.
First, let's start off with the drugstore cosmetics...
HIP by Loreal

Enticed by the Scarlett Johanssen ad for HIP cosmetics ..and... a two for one deal at my local drugstore (CVS) coupled with a two dollar coupon, I gave HIP a second try. My first try was with their shadows. Interesting colors, great for different skin tones, but it just didn't reach me emotionally. Definitely in the make up case, but not a tried and true favorite. However, the second time around was different. I originally opted for one of the loose powder pigments that comes with its own brush and the bluest black mascara. Similar enough to something else i already own, I used the power of return and exchange and ditched the pigment. I also ditched the mascara due to my paper test, its formula wasn't thick and creamy enough to satisfy my search for volume intensifying (and color) mascara. The mascara seemed to be dry and on the shallow side. I wouldn't make use of it for more than two weeks, before looking to replace it. They also need to work on the casing... it's not a cute, yummy product lol.
Back to this Scarlett Johanssen ad: She's wearing lip gloss Pixie, which i had to have! Now, Pixie didn't look the same as it did in the picture. She's definitely wearing lipstick under that to bring out the color like that! I'll search for that later. The gloss, however, is a keeper. Shine factor, two thumbs up; color, neutral and peachy, two thumbs up! To intensify the color of the gloss and not have a clear gloss after 3 hours, a lipstick is definitely needed-- it is a gloss. I would opt to try other colors in the future.
Also in the ad, Scarlett is wearing blush #888. Now I liked her blush a lot, but once I got to the store, the shimmers and names skewed my vision and I opted for Tickled #890. I was just hoping to feel and look tickled and happy after trying on my blush. To my surprise, I was pleasantly pleased! Just peachy and rosey, shimmery and lustreful, with a little on your fingertips going a long way. I've heard HIP being referred to as the poor girls MAC, but it has good reason for its name. While I was delighted by the test results, the color is strikingly similar to one of my favorite MAC blushes.. Fabulush- direct competition! The difference is that MAC gives more shimmer with an emolient base (greasier) than HIP's lustre/sheen finish and much less tacky to the touch and application; a plus! I look forward to testing #888 in future.

DiorShow mascara by Christian Dior

On each lid, I gave my lashes nice coats of mascara with careful application to each lash, DiorShow won against it's competitors! Almay at the drugstore does wonders with lashes. Maybelline and Covergirl have been tested. I tried Prescriptives False Lashes (which i hoped would have lived up to his name) as well as Lash Envy. I've tried Lancome's editions... but none struck a chord as DiorShow did. Concentrating on volume, I was surprised to see my lashes grow like magic. A coat for above and below the upper lid's lash, with some teasing to ensure no clumps DiorShow topped the charts.... a devine invention, a faithful follower! The next step for me in mascara, conditioning and nurishing lashes. These beauties have to stay healthy! Instyle picked MaxFactor's mascara as a favorite... a drugstore product! I'll try that next as well. DiorShow is currently sold for $23 at its counter and Sephora. BONUS: Sephora is selling Angel's Wear Dior. Set includes Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow Compact in Incognito 030, DiorKiss in Gloss Pink 168, and a mini DiorShow Mascara in Black. All for just $50!

Scent Test
Moving into a new season, brings an indulgence to be fulfilled by all 5 senses... this stop: smell. The previous post listed yummy's picks for new fragrances, but I wanted to take it to the streets to find out if others enjoyed the same scents as I. The two up for grabs were Baby Phat Golden and Miss Cherie Dior. The mature, middle aged, young, inexperienced as well as experienced men and women were tested. Testers were asked to sniff and rate without seeing the package or knowing the name/brand of the scent.... who came out on top? Baby Phat Golden! This scent is not appreciated by the connoseurs of fragrances because it's not oily, French or ambiguous/mysterious enough to give them something to wonder about. Hey, I'm the average gal.. I love it! Add to the collection!

There is no sun in here!
One celebrity fashion misfit that society has accepted as the norm these days: WEARING SHADES INSIDE!
My super cool friends over at went on a mission to figure out why this is so...
check it out here.

More goodies to show and tell about later!

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