Friday, September 29, 2006


Thandie Newton

You more than likely have seen her some where, ER, Chronicles of Riddick, or the more popular Crash (she co-wrote the script with her husband Paul Haggis, the veteran TV writer/director who was nominated for an Academy Award for his Million Dollar Baby screenplay) , but I didn't really give her a good look until i started realizing that when she does show up somewhere, she's like a second Halle Berry..... she always looks fab! Great skin, style, accessories, hair and all.... though unfortunately, sometimes she has this Nicole Richie skinny thing going on... Okay don't ask what i know is coming... she's English and Zimbabwean. Now that she has my attention, I guess I can pay attention to her acting LOL.

Accessorie Shop
Accessories are always fun and can reinvent a wardrobe. This fall, get some sassy gloves that keep hands warm or cover an old manicure!

  1. Bebe $138
  2. Coach $298
  3. La Crasia $300
  4. Target $23

Like long boots?

Here's a perfect solution to trying to find those nice skinny jeans to fit inside your boot... no more baggy knees and bulkiness inside the boot. With a built in sock, you are taken care of in a one stop shop! $230

Celebrities- Jay Z

Everyone was talking about Jay Z losing weight and being on the Beyonce diet.. I couldn't see it.. his big head, eyes and lips clouded the rest but this pic gave me a good view. His lips even look deflated.... don't lose anymore Jay, we don't want the bobble head look.

Gotta Try

New Yves Saint Laurent's Perfect Touch Radiant Brush Foundation it comes in 14 shades, it is non-comedogenic (won't clog your pores) and contains skin brightening ingredients. With a built-in brush for no spills/ no mess, this lightweight product sounds perfect! (Pictured below it is the one touch, battery operated, foundation air/mist spray... yikes, i'm not in hollywood.. i'll stick to the brush applicator.)


I really really really wanted to blog about fashion in gospel choirs but unfortunately the internet is out of stock! I wanted to talk about my man Tye Tribbett and GA, there's Kirk Franklin and his different family ensembles... my girls Mary Mary that stay fly. It almost feels like they are off pitch if their gear isn't tight....... oh well until I find some pics...

Stay yummy!

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