Thursday, January 31, 2013

Neutrogena Oil Free Cleansing Wipes Pink Grapefruit

I love grapefruit juice, grapefruits, grapefruit sour jellies...  I love GRAPEFRUIT!  When I ran out of my MAC wipes and needed a quick drugstore replacement, I knew I trusted Neutrogena.  Seeing it offered with a pink grapefruit scent?  I was all over it.

This formula is a bit different than the wipes in the original blue packaging. These are oil free and acne prone skin friendly.  Like the original wipe, these remove makeup easily.  The cloths are huge and are saturated with makeup remover well.

Now, while I love grapefruit, these wipes have a STRONG grapefruit scent.  My son said I smelled like  grapefruit pie, LOL!  When I wipe my makeup off with these wipes and don't wash my face, I can still smell it in the morning.  If any of the scent/wetness gets on the neck of my nightshirt, it then smells like grapefruit. Overall, I don't mind the strong scent and I love Neutrogena wipes.

Have you tried these?


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Loren B said...

I love these wipes! And, YES, you do smell like grapefruit. I use them at night and spash water on after. But... they are great if you have oily skin and feel great during the summer months!