Monday, September 17, 2012

MAC Brow Pencil in Brunette, Swatches

I love MAC brow pencils, especially for the color range and the small pencil tip for hair like strokes.   While there are many product options, high and low, to create a great brow, I've always repurchased MAC brow pencils  (Maybelline Define-a-Brow is a great alternative).

I use quite a few products in my brows (bleach, two shadows, a pencil or cream and brow set) to get them to my satisfaction.  

My pencil of choice is Lingering brow pencil.  MAC describes it as a "soft taupe brown."  Brunette, a "gray brown" pencil, was introduced to us  a few weeks ago with the Corine Roitfeld collection.  I picked up Brunette recently as I'm a product junkie always open to new options. 

Take a look below to see swatches of Brunette and how it compares to Lingering brow pencil.
Can you see a difference in the two?? Lingering (left); Brunette (right) 
Brunette has the slightest bit of warmth to it, but not much of a difference.

Lingering (left); Brunette (right)
The color caps on the pencils will lead you to believe that Brunette is a lot warmer. 

On my skin tone, there isn't much difference.  

Have you purchased this brow pencil??  Do you see a difference between Brunette and Lingering? 

EDIT: The caps of the pencils are more accurate as to what color you will get in your brow (Now that I've been using Brunette to replace Lingering.)  Brunette is darker, but not as dark as Spike or Stud.  It's the baby of Lingering and Spike brow pencil.

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