Friday, August 05, 2011

New Video: Updated Brow Tutorial!

Hi loves!
I filmed an (updated) brow tutorial by request! My original post was here. See how much has changed! ;)

List of products used:
MAC #266 angled brush
Anastasia spoolie and angled brush duo

MAC Cork eye shadow
MAC Lingering and Strut brow pencils
MAC Boy Girl brow set
MAC NW25 Studio Finish concealer

Use colors and concealers/foundations that are compatible with your skin tone. Use tools that you are comfortable with though I highly recommend MAC's #266 for brow work!

Nikkia's DIY Brow Set Tutorial Post


Michelle @ Radiant Brown Beauty said...

Thank you!! These folks in NY have jacked up my eyebrows that I've had to just let them sit and grow so they are shabby right now LOL.

I can't wait to try your technique. If I jack it up, I'm coming for you girl! LOL

CreativelyYours said...

Thanks for sharing!!! Your brows ALWAYS look so fab!!