Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tips on How to Choose Blush

By request, here are some of my tips on how to choose a blush!

1. Decide on what makeup you are wearing and what your stand out feature will be.
-If you are only using enhancing makeup (mascara, a touch of liner, powder) for a polished look you want a blush that will be a neutral match for your skin tone.
-If you are choosing a stand out feature such as emphasizing your eyes or pout, choose a blush of complimentary color.  This can be a blush according to your skin tone or  in the color family of your stand out feature.  Pink lips? Try pink cheeks.  Green/bronze eyeshadow?  Try neutral bronze to peach colors on your cheeks.  Your blush can even be a stand out feature!

2.  Do you have dry skin type or oily?
-Dry? Use a cream blush or moisturize well and use a primer before a powder blush
-Oily?  Always prime, use a powder blush.  In love with a cream? Prime and use translucent powder over the cream blush if it doesn't set to a powder finish on its own.

3.Pick a color according to the color of your natural 'flush'.
Just finished jogging.  Check the color and use that as a guide to your best blush color.

4.  Are you a woman of color?
-Try to always opt for blushes with heavy pigment (i.e. MAC, NARS) With blushes (brands) that you are unsure of, try deep colors (deepest pink, wine, orange, purple)
-If the color is actually too deep for your liking, you can always adjust it by the tool for application.  Try a duo fibre stippling brush (skunk brush)

5. Bronzer
Bronzer can be used as blush or combined with another blush of your choice to make you glow!

6.  Check beauty blogs of bloggers of your complexion. 
Do you like the blush they are using? More than likely it will work for you!

Other resources for blush help:
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Girlie Blogger said...

Good tips. I often use bronzer as a blush and it works well.

Danielle87 said...

I'm so happy I ran across this! I'm still trying to figure out how to work blush into my routine but it's hard lol. I have to figure out what goes with what and what looks good on's just too much lol. That's one of the many things that I am definitely working on this new year.

Dao said...

Thank you for the tips, Kia! Since I am a cool-tone person, I stick with pink blushes but once in a while, I use neutral. Warm tone blushes do make me look like I was out in the sun for a while, which is nice whenever I need it.

Also, I have never noticed how different a blush would show in people with different skin tones. I have this peach-pink blush that looks pink on me but looks peachy on my mom's cheeks.

yummy411 said...

@ girlie blogger: glad bronzer works for you. i love it for a blush in a pinch situations ;)

@ danielle87: yay! glad the post helped! be sure to check out the other posts i like that give recommendations and more!

@ dao: yes! similar to lip colors also! said...

Great tips! After all these years...i must admit that I still struggle with blushes.

RChelle Mullins said...

I'm a blush junkie and always trying to get ppl to fall in love with it like me lol. Thanks for sharing...excellent tips