Monday, January 16, 2012

L'Oreal Charming Cockatoo's Gaze Shadow Palette: Ease into Spring (Blue, Purple and Lime)

I started this post and look by wanting to solely showcase L'Oreal's limited edition Charming Cockatoo's shadow palette from the Project Runway Take Flight collection.  However, 1. I had to add some personal flare to it, 2. Discuss the collection inspiration and 3. Realize this was a Spring FOTD.

When the collection hit the stores, I was very excited, but limited myself to 3 products: 2 blushes and one nail polish, the infamous Owl's Night.  It's been a few months since the collection has been out and in most place sold out, but at my local Bed Bath and Beyond one shadow palette lingered, begging for me to bring it home. I obliged.

The palette I finally purchased was the Charming Cockatoo's Gaze Shadow Palette.  I've been very amused by cosmetic companies' names for products and the story behind the inspiration.  It all helps me to appreciate the colors and the feel of the collections.  For this collection, the theme was birds.  Die hard PR fans will understand the theme behind this collection.  I didn't watch Project Runway this season (shame, shame, but I do know who won! ) , but a quick google search clued me in to how the exotic birds correlate to the designer's clothes... it was a challenge! (Season 9, Ep.11)  While the cockatoo featured on the show was your standard white cockatoo with a yellow crest, I think those designing the cosmetics may have had the Palm Cockatoo in mind. 

I did a video tutorial on how I used the shadow for a blue look (if you haven't noticed, navy is my favorite color right now).  Truth is, I wasn't feeling it.  I chucked the false lashes and was about to wash off the look, but decided to experiment.  I added purple liquid liner on top of my black liquid winged liner and added a lime green liner on my bottom lids.  Can I tell you I fell in love (even if my eyebrows came out a little too red)?  This is subtly colorful and neutral all at the same time.  A perfect look for me to welcome Spring (in the retail world that is!)

All shadows had decent pigmentation.  A plus for one of our favorite drugstore brands!

Revlon PhotoReady Mousse foundation
NYC Bronzer in 720A Sunny
MAC Mystery Powder

MAC Studio Finish concealer NW25
MAC Nubile paint pot
L'Oreal Charming Cockatoo's Gaze shadow palette
(sparkly nude on lid, light blue in crease and bottom lid, deep blue in outer v)
MAC Superslick liquid liner in Smoky Heir
MAC Petrol Blue Pearlglide liner
MAC Colour Matters Technakohl eyeliner (lime liner)

MAC Love Rush blush
MAC Porcelain Pink MSF

NYX Smoky Look lip gloss (not pictured)

Did you get anything from this collection? Did you like the designs that were inspired by the birds?


Girlie Blogger said...

Gorgeous colors. Blue and pink go so well together.

KrySTYLES said...

Love the look you put together hun! Everytime I went to the store, I can never find the collection or they were always out.

Danielle87 said...

Wow very pretty! I would not expect to see a look as pretty as yours by using that palette.

B said...

Now why haven't I seen the palette? I've seen the polishes but didn't even know there was a darling little palette. This look you cranked out is gorgeous!

Your Cosmetic Ally, Joanne said...

yuuuuussss yummy! this looks is gorgeous!

yummy411 said...

@ girlie blogger: i agree! that's why i picked up the palette, but as much as I like them, I find that im not in love =( blues are harder for me to work with on myself.

@ krystyles: i know what you mean :( one store would have it all, while another wouldn't have a trace of it...

@ danielle87: thanks! i was interested to see how the shadows would deliver and im pleased. the sparkly one has glitter fall out, but that's typical of a glitter shadow.

@ joanne: thanks boo!

gg said...


Anonymous said...

Gorg! These colors really compliment your skin-tone. I picked the Audacious palette from this collection last year. I find that, I need a sticky base to really make the colors pop. Great Post, you look amazing

Tammy said...

I love this look, the colors all look so beautiful together.

RChelle Mullins said...

Beautiful!! You always have such gorg looks