Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yummy411: Blush!

Do you feel confused about blush? Have you given up the idea since your mom's rouge wasn't your cup of coffee? Well, you can have glowy cheeks and a nicely flushed face too. Check out some tips from Dany Sans' at Makeup Forever!


Use this angled blush brush for more controlled application of blush. Smaller versions are even used for contouring.

Regular dome shaped blush brush. Applies blush over a wider surface area.

Fan brush for a light sweep of color. Some firmer fan brushes can be used for contouring as well.

Stippling, duo fibre brush to help with a light handed dust of powder blush or to gently apply creme blush.

Fingers or sponges can also do the trick for cream, gel and stain blushes.
Blushes come in different forms: cream, powder, gel and stain.
There are multiple brushes out there for blush. The more you play around, the more you'll gain a preference.

Do you have a favorite brush and blush? Right now, my run to blush is MAC's Harmony for my NC37 skin and I use different brushes depending on how I feel. I may use a stippling/duo fibre brush or a small angled blush brush.


coffee said...

For some reason, I'm in love with blush lately!! My current faves are Sweet as Cocoa and Format (I got format on your suggestion....LOVES IT). I'm looking for a nice pink one right now.....hey is that MAC 187 really all that good?

Mrs. Lynne said...

The thing I love about blush is it gives your skin that extra flushed color even if you're not wearing makeup. I tend to run with my Sunbasque and 129 for this. And then contour with Shadester (169) right under and it deepens it nicely.

Divine Blackness said...

I'm slowly getting into blushes, Yums. It's just so hard because being dark skinned I'm somewhat confused as to how blush is supposed to look on me. I don't want that "blushing" look because my ass is too dark to blush. LOL, but I've been dabbing away in my NARS Crazed with the 187 and I do say it is quite nice without it looking TOO crazy. I can dig it. Any blush recs for yo NW45 sista?

Anonymous said...

My favorite blush brush is my MAC 187 Duo Fibre (perfect for creme blushes) and my favorite blush is Becca's creme blush in Orchid (which I reviewed on my blog a while back) I do have a Cargo Tonga powder blush, which I apply with my Japonesque Kabuki brush.

Divine Blackness: Have you tried Stila's Convertible Cream Colors? My younger sis is NC 43, and Stila's CCC in 'Lillium' looks amazing on her, very subtle and very natural. For just a bit more 'pop', you could go with Nars' 'Exhibit A', which shows up well on darker skin tones. Becca's 'Dahlia' is also great. From peachy apricots, to warm/orangish reds, to hot pinks, the sky's the limit for darker complexions.

Coffee said...

@ Divine Blackness....I was in LOVE with Crazed when I swatched it in Sephora, so I purchased it....got it home and it was TOO much for me!!! Maybe, I applied too much too heavily...but either way, I returned it! I'm NW43...maybe I'll revisit it when I finally break down and purchase a 187!

nilla cookie said...

I've always used this blush brush that I got in a Prescriptives gift many, MANY years ago (I'm thinking 8) and it's worked just fine for me. But I'm starting to branch out a little more when it comes to blushes and brushes. I just got a duo fiber brush from Lumiere yesterday that I can't wait to try out :)

And my favorite blush as of late is my Rimmel Cool Down. Before that I was wearing MAC Peachykeen forever.

Mischo Beauty said...

My favorite blush brush is MAC 129SE- not sure if they even make it anymore! I bought it back in 2002 and the paint is starting to chip off the handle... can't you tell I love it! LOL! And my favorite blush of the moment is Improper Copper (MAC cream colour base)- I can't begin to tell you about all the compliments I receive when I wear it! Love it too!

Mischo Beauty

yummy411 said...

@ coffee: hey chica! the 187 is a fabulous brush, but you don't have to buy solely from MAC. there are many companies that sell the duo fibre stippling brush for a fraction of MAC's price!

pink blushes.. you can do dollymix, applied with the stippling brush is awesome! looks bright and scary, but the feather application of the stippling brush will give you the perfect amount.

@ mrs. lynne: sunbasque is a favorite to many. thanks for sharing. darn i need one of those shape and sculpt duos!

@ divine blackness: great question! here are some of the top recommendations from myself, slvrlips and specktra! dollymix, ambering rose (concentrate on the apples of your cheeks), sweet as cocoa, gingerly, slave to love and Fab are discontinued... but if you spot it at a cco- grab it! light flush the new msf is amazing and sunbasque. Golden bronze loose powder is great to have to use every where. brands other than MAC? (MacPixie of Specktra) NARS Taj Mahal, NARS Taos,Cargo Mendocino, Cargo Rome, Lorac Crimson, NARS Cactus Flower creamblush, NARS Montenegro cream blush. Bronzers as blush: (Macaholic76 of Specktra) Love NARS Casino, Fake Bake Bronzy Babe and MAC Matte Suntan and Refined Deeper Bronze. don't forget the drugstore bronzer too. Wet N Wild is all the rave! i hope that helps!! let me know what you discover and LOOVVEE! =)

@ mandypandy: thanks for the suggestions! and yummm @ the japonesque brush!

@ coffee: def try it with a duo fibre brush.. there are ones way cheaper than the MAC brush..

Afrodite said...

I don't have a favorite brush but I do love MAC's Sweet Cocoa, I think that's the nme. It's light so I'm not looking like a freaking clown.

yummy411 said...

@ nilla cookie: i have peachykeen! i'll def look out for the rimmel blush =) review on the lumiere brush coming soon?

@ mischo beauty: wow.. there's a 129 special edition brush out from stylistics? does that look like yours? i know improper copper looks amazing on you. i have it and usually use it for a beach bunny look (it's one of my few items where i'm hitting the pan.) i should pull it out and play with it and so what i can do with it =)

@ afrodite: sweet as cocoa is the hotness!

rocketqueen said...

Such a great post! I'm in love with MAC's Style, it's a coral powder blush and I use my #187 for it. Livens up my whole ghostly white face, lol! I'm thinking og getting the smaller skunk #188 since I sometimes find 187 a tad too big. Have you tried them both? Any thoughts?

yummy411 said...

@ rocketqueen: you know, i've never tried style. i am just getting over a phase where i didn't want anymore corally, orange-esque blushes. now, i'm warming back up to them again as i feel they are darling with a dark eye and subtle lips... (thanks Hillary Duff!)

i don't have the #188, but i have the travel size #187 which i guess is either comparable to the #188 or right in between the two. people rave about the #188 and say they've turned a blind eye to the #187 after using the former. sounds like a go to me!

javieth said...
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