Wednesday, November 09, 2011

My next loc hair goal: Loc Bun

(photo credit:

Yup... a regular ol' bun.  This one is a touch fancy as it's not spread around from the center.  I reached my goal of a ponytail, now I want a bun.  I may be done with hair goals after I reach a bun... well I never got my red velvet cake hair.............. hmmmm.

While I have these length goals, I'm pretty partial to locs that are right above the shoulder or at the shoulder length. They are short, but long enough.  I think my hair is actually getting a bit long for my style/lifestyle =p  I totally understand why alot of women who cut their locs off, keep a short, boy cut.

Here are some cool loc updo's and  how-to's from youtube:


Rashidah said...

Hey, I love your hair and hope you reach your goal

yummy411 said...

thanks Rashidah!!

Anonymous said...

I use to have dreadlocks 5 yrs ago, and I miss them so much. I love your hair, you get the length in no time!

Kristin said...

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