Friday, November 18, 2011

How to Choose a Concealer

Tips on how to choose a concealer!
1. Decide the coverage you need:
Need a 'wake me up'?
Dark circles?

2. Decide the look you are going for:
Even skin tone under eyes?
Highlighted look a la Kim K?

For just enough coverage and even skin tone under the eyes, choose a concealer close to your skin tone or one to two shades lighter.  Too bright? Add a bit of your foundation to mellow the color a bit.
Product recommendations: Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, CoverGirl Queen Collection Concealer, MAC Select Cover Up Concealer or MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer if you have dry skin type or mature skin.

For dark circles and need a bit more coverage, follow steps above for even skin tone under the eyes but use a fuller coverage concealer and/or add a corrector!  If needed, on top of your foundation add corrector then concealer.  People have different preferences on how and what order to apply concealer and corrector.  Just use it! LOL
Product recommendations: Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer, MAC Studio Finish Concealer, Bobbi Brown (peach) Corrector, Victoria Secret Pro Concealer Palette (it includes a peach and green for various correction issues)

For a highlighted look, use a concealer or foundation two shades lighter than your skin tone (and corrector if needed).  Apply concealer under the eye from bottom lash line to tops of the cheek bones. BLEND well!! Make a seamless finish between concealer and foundation

To make your concealer last:  Look for long wear formulas like MAC's Pro Longwear  concealer.  Be sure to set your concealer with a translucent powder!

Here's how I apply my concealer (and foundation).
Take it from my sis (but don't highlight your brows as she does please! lol)


Anonymous said...

Love the post girly! I've been using the MAC concealer, but I really want to try the Nars concealer. I hear great things about it ;)

P.S. I should have purchase the Nars concealer during the Sephora sale :-/

The Anti Hair Slave said...

Great pointers!

yummy411 said...

@ kay goddess: thanks boo! ohh no you've reminded me to add another item to my 'sephora to buy list' lol.. can't wait to compare notes!

@ the anti hair slave: thanks chica!

Faye of Dark Circles Under Eyes said...

A good concealer can easily cover up skin imperfections and make you look instantly younger looking and more vibrant.

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When applying concealer to the undereye area, try using one with a radiant finish or adding a luminescent highlighter on top of it for a light-reflective finish that further disguises shadowed areas.