Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eyebrow Makeover!

I was asked by a friend about brows. She has naturally thick brows, but after years of getting them done she has been reduced to very slim brows. I gave her a brow makeover. Unfortunately, I think when people see the routine I do to achieve a brow my style, it seems daunting. I can understand, but I guess that's the difference between brows and great looking brows! It just takes a bit of practice.
Brow on the left is the before and the right brow is after.
Both brows done! No tweezing or anything, just worked with what she had. Achieving the highest level of symmetry is always the goal, but that doesn't always happen. Remember the brows are sisters, not twins! ;)

I used pretty much the same method and products I used in my Brow Video Tutorial.

*My friend didn't like these photos, but they showed her brows the best. Sorry friend! =s


Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty said...

What a wonderful job. I struggle with my brows since the "asians" took a chunk out a few year ago. They've never been the same :-(

Now, I have to use pencil and I never had to! I plucked them and penciled them a couple of days ago and not a bad job! No where near as good as yours though. I'd love more definition.

yummy411 said...

Hey Michelle,
I had to stop putting my brows in the hands of others (asian, black everybody... mainly out of convenience and $$, even though my brow tech did a fab job!)... i still whacked off my brows myself, but knowing how to deal with them on my own was a great feat to accomplish. keep practicing and i'm sure you'll get brows that you love. i try to balance between powder and pencil.

Shana said...

me thinks we need a demonstration in person on this - I may take the plunge and get them bleached...but then again I may chicken out LOL how often do you have to lighten them? Great job, the makeover looks fab!

yummy411 said...

thank you! anytime shana! when i have my brows freshly bleached i look like whoopi. i have grown comfortable with this. last time i bleached my brows is when i did the brow tut. i need to bleach them again now. so a few weeks...3-4 weeks. brow set is the other option!

Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty said...

powder? I saw someone do concealer underneath to lift the look of the brow. Worked for me but how do you work with powder? Do telL! or if you have a vid. point me in that direction :-)

gg said...

i let my brows grow out and im so glad i did. i never realized how horrible and surprised i looked without 'em. i dont think i'll ever let anyone touch them again. they were so thin. ew

you did a superb job. they look very natural.

yummy411 said...

@ michelle: the link to my vid is in the post labeled Brow Video Tutorial! it shows how I do my brows which are the same steps that I used to do my friend's brows.

@gg: hey gg! i need your courage to let my brows grow in! i don't always like to have my brows 'made up'... thanks girl!

Nicolette said...

But they look so fake and drawn in like stencils. Is there A better way 2 achieve great brows & have them look more natural? any suggestions? i have thin brows too but I dont know what to do because i sweat a lot too because i'm a runner so a lot of makeup on them will have powders and pencil coming down my cheeks at the end of the day.

yummy411 said...

You didn't like the way I did her brows, so I might not be the best person to ask for advice. To keep the makeup in your brows, try a bit of Urban Decay Primer Potion. For thicker brows let them grow in naturally, unless rogain for men has been approved for the brow area... otherwise makeup is your solution.