Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Makeup Show 2011

The Make Up Show in NYC; All I can tell you is it's the place to be.
I'm excited to see new products from my favorite makeup lines,
And to see demonstrations from top artists like Eve Pearl and Sam Fine!
Inglot, Stila, Make Up Forever, and Nars will have the hottest products to give you
a polished look like the stars,
While Crystal Wright and Billy B. Give insight on application techniques
and the ins and outs of the make up industry.
Tips, tricks, giveaways, and pics are just a few things you can expect.
This special event celebrating professional make up artistry is one that
many around the world respect.
So come on to The Make Up Show; They'll be expecting you,
To have a good time and check out product lines by Kevin Aucoin and Mario
There are many more things you can look forward to when you come to TMS,
here are a few - major discounts on pro make up, hands-on workshops,
product launches, and great networking too!
You don't want to miss out. So, why would you?
I'm making my list of must haves, and you should too.
There will be so many great things to buy, you won't want to choose.
Make up, skin care items, polish, and even products for your hair;
I'm done telling you about it, just meet me there.
And wear flat shoes, no heels...don't you dare.


Darbygirl/Toni and I will be at The Makeup Show on Sunday. Please say hi if you see us! I'm going to be looking for you! ;)


RevealingBeaute said...

Kia!!! so glad I get to see you. I'm there the entire show. :-)

B said...

You ladies have fun! I'm skipping out this year.

yummy411 said...

@ frances: i'll see you there!!

@ b: we'll miss you this year. don't do this to us again. blogalicious for our annual visit/meetup?? ;)

yummy411 said...

@ francine: it was great meeting you!!

@ b: you were missed this year!!